Little stars: how to take cute baby pictures

Take baby pictures like a pro with these tips from the Hallmark Photo Studio

By Megan Haave
How to take cute baby pictures

Capturing special moments is something we know a lot about here at Hallmark. We also know that putting a baby in the picture can be a challenge for even the most experienced photographers (and we take a LOT of baby pictures). But not to worry…if you have a camera and a love of extreme cuteness, you’re ready for action, says Hallmark photo stylist­, Danielle Mousley. Here are a few of her techniques for creating memorable photos of your little ones:

Christmas card photo ideas

Don’t wake the baby. Nap time can be prime time for sweet, sleepy shots.

Make the talent happy. Where does baby usually like to hang out? In the crib? In the high chair? On the floor? A familiar space will help your little model act natural.

Cut! Even the pros need a break now and then. Short sessions help prevent meltdowns.

Play the fool. Making silly faces is a small price to pay for that winning grin.

Play around with perspective. Get up close. Shoot from above. Lie on the ground. Have fun with it.

Christmas card photo ideas

Capture the details. You know your baby from head to tiny toes, so focus on all those parts you love so much—little ears, fingers, tummy, nose.

Just keep snapping. No need for the old “1-2-3…cheese” method. The more photos you take, the happier you’ll be with the results.

Roll with it. That pout or scream just might end up being your favorite shot.

Give it a personal touch. Dress your cutie in a favorite outfit or lay them on a blanket from someone special.


If you want to get technical...

  • Find the brightest room in the house. Natural light makes for great pictures.
  • Turn off your flash to avoid a washed-out look. The room should have plenty of light without it.
  • Shoot in color. You can always change photos to black-and-white or sepia later.
  • Put that camera phone to good use. Most newer smartphones produce high-quality photos and make it much easier for you to capture memories in the moment. Experiment with apps that give your photos fun effects.
  • Try a tripod and your camera’s remote. You’ll have a steady shot and have your hands ready for baby-holding.


Megan Haave is a Hallmark writer who forgot to grow out of her childhood loves—making cards, telling stories, creating crafts, playing games and throwing theme parties.

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