Sweet season

4 easy Christmas candy recipes

Hallmark staff
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’Tis the season to make candy! With the holidays, we have every reason to indulge and make sugary, buttery, chocolaty sweets for the family or as gifts. And homemade Christmas candies can create lasting memories, as we found out when we began the process of testing and tasting. It seemed that everyone had a story to tell of their sweet family traditions.

If you don’t have such a tradition, why not adopt one of our Christmas candy recipes and start your own? We’ve chosen 4 candies that are timeless and no-fuss, some of them not even involving a saucepan or the stove: Snowballs, Buckeyes, Cranberry-Pistachio Bark and Chocolate-Pecan Rum Balls. With these delectable recipes, we’re guessing you won’t have any trouble enlisting the whole family to help with the stirring and rolling and dipping…and, yes, tasting!

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