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9 beautiful blooms to brighten your holidays

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Forcing Bulbs for Christmas #Hallmark #HallmarkIdeas

Ready to cultivate some Christmas cheer? Forcing bulbs can deliver beautiful blooms to brighten your holidays—if you start them now! Hint: Potted bulbs also make a great hostess gift. Most flower bulbs must be chilled for a specific period of time in order to bloom ahead of their natural schedule (and in time for Christmas). From amaryllis to hyacinth to tulips, see our bulb-forcing guide and planting tips for flower-by-flower instructions.

PlantingStart by selecting large, firm and blemish-free bulbs. Choose a container that is at least 6 inches in diameter and twice the height of the bulbs. (If the pot has large drainage holes, place a piece of netting inside, over the holes, to keep soil from escaping.) Fill the container so that when a bulb is placed on the soil, its tip will be ½ to 1 inch below the rim. Set the bulbs (tips up) close together in the container and press the bases gently into the soil. Add more potting soil until just the tips show. Water thoroughly. Label containers with the type of bulb and date planted.

ConditioningPlace potted bulbs in a cool, dark location, such as an unheated basement, garage or outdoor shed where the temperature stays between 35°F and 48°F. (Paperwhites and amaryllises, two holiday favorites, do not require chilling, but the bulbs must be kept outside of the pots in a cool location—40°F to 50°F is ideal—until roots develop.) Be sure the soil surrounding potted bulbs stays evenly and continuously moist during the chilling period.

ForcingWhen you see shoots emerging 2 inches above the surface of the soil, it’s time to move your containers. Once potted bulbs are moved to a warmer (55°F to 65°F), bright, indoor location, they will begin to bloom. The flowers should appear within two to five weeks. When the flower buds begin to open, place your containers in an area that has bright, indirect daytime light and nighttime temperatures between 60°F and 65°F. Keep the soil evenly moist, turn the pots every other day to encourage straighter stems, and feed weekly with a half-strength solution of houseplant fertilizer.

Bulbs Why we love them Planting tips Chilling time
Forcing Bulbs for Christmas: Amaryllis #Hallmark #HallmarkIdeasAmaryllis The statuesque stems and trumpet-shaped flowers on these sturdy bulbs make you look like an expert gardener with hardly any effort. Plant so that the upper half of the bulb sits above the soil. None
Forcing Bulbs for Christmas: Crocus #Hallmark #HallmarkIdeasCrocus Dainty, cup-shaped petals in white, yellow, violet, lavender or stripes give chilly days the feel of spring. They can be forced in pebbles and water as well as potting soil; they bloom best where indoor temperatures are between 55°F and 65°F. 14 to 15 weeks
Forcing Bulbs for Christmas: Daffodil #Hallmark #HallmarkIdeasDaffodil These splashy blooms—in yellow, white, orange, red, pink, apricot or cream—make it impossible to be grouchy. Plant in the garden after blooms are spent and foliage yellows. 14 to 15 weeks
Forcing Bulbs for Christmas: Freesia #Hallmark #HallmarkIdeasFreesia The delicate, calming scent is aromatherapy in a pot; old-fashioned varieties, like Allure and Excelsior, are the most fragrant. Plant the bulb with the top one-third above the potting mix. 14 weeks
Forcing Bulbs for Christmas: Hyacinth #Hallmark #HallmarkIdeasHyacinth The sublime fragrance of these 12-inch flower spikes (which bloom only 1 to 2 weeks after they’re brought indoors) can fill a room. Plant in potting soil, in water alone (1 bulb per jar or vase) or in pebbles and water. They are available either prechilled or unchilled (requiring a 4- to 10-week chilling period)
Forcing Bulbs for Christmas: Iris #Hallmark #HallmarkIdeasIris The lush Dutch iris conjures Monet’s garden in May; the netted iris does too, but with a delicate violet fragrance. Both flower in two weeks once indoors. The best bulbs for forcing are the Dutch iris (Iris x hollandica) and netted iris (Iris reticulata). 12 to 16 weeks
Forcing Bulbs for Christmas: Paperwhite #Hallmark #HallmarkIdeasPaperwhite These reliable bulbs are powerfully aromatic and divinely elegant. These can be forced in potting soil or in pebbles and water. None
Forcing Bulbs for Christmas: Snowdrop #Hallmark #HallmarkIdeasSnowdrop In the ground, these bulbs can naturally bloom weeks before crocuses; in the house, the delicate, bell-shaped flowers are ideal for intimate displays. Cover the bulbs completely with potting soil. 12 to 15 weeks
Forcing Bulbs for Christmas: Tulip #Hallmark #HallmarkIdeasTulip There’s a color and shape for every taste—from dainty to shaggy to regal. Plant as many bulbs as you can fit in the container to create a full display of blooms. 14 to 20 weeks
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