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Brighten someone’s day with our cheery flower crafts and simple get-well gift ideas

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Get Well Gift Ideas #Hallmark #HallmarkIdeas

Do you have a friend who’s under the weather, in the hospital, or maybe just having a rough time? Flowers are a lovely way to cheer someone up, but they’re not right for every situation. If you want the spirit-lifting power of flowers without the pollen or “green thumb” issues, try these crafty ideas. We’ve put together three easy-to-make bouquets (using card stock, felt and cookies) that are guaranteed to turn a friend’s not-so-good day into a pretty great one.

Fresh-cut paper flower bouquet

Get Well Gift Ideas: Fresh-cut Paper Flower Craft #Hallmark #HallmarkIdeas

Give her just the boost she needs with a pretty paper flower bouquet adorned with words of encouragement on the leaves. These can be made from card stock or recycled greeting cards, and can be painted, or not. Each set of templates makes four flowers, so print more for a fuller bouquet.

Download the instructions and templates


Heart“felt” bouquet

Get Well Gift Ideas: Heart“felt” Flower Craft #Hallmark #HallmarkIdeas

Felt flowers are a pretty and long-lasting way to show her you’re thinking of her. We’ll show you how to make a variety of flowers, like simple layered flowers with button centers to three-dimensional mums, dahlias, marigolds and roses—all from just a few sheets of felt.

Download the instructions and templates


Cheery & chewy bouquet

Get Well Gift Ideas: Make a Cookie Bouquet  #Hallmark #HallmarkIdeas

Who wouldn’t love a bouquet of these sweet cookie treats. Forget about adorning a table, though. These flowers go best with a plate and a cup of coffee. Our easy cookie recipe and instructions will show you how to make this simple cookie bouquet—chock full of spirit-lifting goodness (and mini chocolate chips).

Download the recipe and instructions


If flowers aren’t the go-to you’re looking for, but you’d still like to send a little TLC someone’s way, try these simple yet meaningful get-well gift ideas:

  • Send a card with something extra like photos, or a gift card for coffee or whatever small delight you can afford.
  • Combine balloons and a piece of artwork or an inspirational message to add a little color and fun to their surroundings.
  • Give a little token like a seashell, a figurine or itty bittys®—something easy to take anywhere as a reminder that you care.
  • Send them the best medicine through funny cards, silly GIFs, or daily jokes.
  • Provide crossword puzzles, sudoku games, magazines, books, ebooks, a deck of cards—anything that entertains their brains.
  • Bring pizza, a home-cooked meal or deli tray to the patient’s family at the hospital…or perhaps a catered meal or week of meals to a patient at home.
  • Read to someone or just stop by to listen. Help with laundry and cleaning. Offer to walk pets. Give rides to appointments or run errands.

Contributions by Hallmark paper sculptor Tom Wallen, Hallmark editor Jeanne Field, Hallmark writer Bill Gray, and Hallmark creative studio photography manager (and professional baker) Bernard Shondell.

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