Reconnect with a thinking of you card

Reach out to someone who made a difference in your life

Hallmark staff
Reconnect with an Old Friend with a Thinking of You Card #Hallmark #HallmarkIdeas

Our too-hectic lives have a way of pulling us in every direction at once. So it’s not surprising that we sometimes lose track of people, even those who have affected our lives in positive ways—former teacher, a childhood friend, even a family member.

How should you get in touch? While there’s no single “right” approach, there’s still nothing like a handwritten message on distinctive stationery or a card with a note enclosed to make a great impression. Putting in the time and effort to create something personal and unique really helps show the sincerity of your thank-you message. Ready to get started? Try these tips.

Dear Ms. Calton...
Sometimes getting started is the hardest part. Try these suggestions:

  • I know it’s been a long time...
  • This may seem out of the blue...
  • Even though we haven’t been in touch, I think of you often...
  • It’s amazing how fast time goes by...
  • It seems like only yesterday that...

Make it sincerely yours
Help your recipient remember who you are. Your first-grade teacher has had hundreds of students, so what’s the detail that will bring you immediately to mind?

  • Write simply and from the heart. Sound like yourself. There’s no reason to search for grand-sounding words. Your sincerity is what counts.
  • Be sure your handwriting’s legible. (Otherwise, print or type.)
  • Say it once, then stop. Less is more. It’s the thought, not the volume of words, that matters.
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