Halloween cupcakes so cute they’re scary

8 Halloween cupcake decorating ideas

By Em Bronson
Halloween Cupcake Ideas

These Halloween cupcakes are so cute they’ll have your kids eating all their veggies to get to the monster at the end of their meal. And they make the perfect treat to bring to the kids’ classroom Halloween parties or neighborhood get-together.

With just cookies, candies and a little frosting, you’ll be ready to unleash monster mayhem in your kitchen. All eight cupcake ideas use my favorite buttercream frosting recipe and royal icing recipe. (Royal icing works great for adding details like stripes, dots and tiny monster teeth—just be sure to let it dry between layers of colors so they don’t run together.) To make the extra appendages on the monster cupcakes, use our monster parts template to cut horn, eyes and mouth shapes out of rolled sugar cookie dough. Now just choose your favorite cupcake creation, and let’s get ready to C-R-U-M-B-L-L-L-L-E!

Tip: Give yourself more time for assembling by making your cupcakes and sugar cookie monster parts ahead of time. Use your favorite cupcake recipe and some Halloween-themed cupcake liners for most of these cupcakes.


Em Bronson is a Hallmark designer with a passion for baking and crafting that manages to consume most of her free time. A Southern girl at heart, Em loves sweet tea, rap music, flip-flops and fireworks of all kinds.

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