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Hallmark staff
Words of Encouragement for Kids #Hallmark #HallmarkIdeas

Whether they’ll fess up to it or not, kids like a pat on the back...especially from their parents. Looking for great ideas to encourage your own great kid? Get started with a few of our suggestions.

A can-do attitude
Sometimes the biggest accomplishments are just showing up—for the big game, their very first concert or an all-school assembly. Let your little individual know it takes guts to meet those challenges, and you’re sure proud of their never-give-up approach to life. Remind them of a specific success (or even a failure) and how their effort will serve them later in life.

A nice surprise
Nothing delights a child more than an unexpected card from Mom under the pillow or tucked into a brand-new book in their backpack. Include messages like “Awesome effort on your algebra test” or “I knew you could do it!” or “Aren’t you proud of yourself? I sure am.” These confidence boosters are worth their weight in hugs and kisses.

Special delivery
For all their hard work and good behavior, send them on a mission of recognition. Hide their favorite candy, a thoughtful card or a small gift in the mailbox and ask them to bring in the mail that day. With a beaming smile and a happy heart, you’ll know right away you’ve made their day.

It’s the little things
Create a whole lot of motivation by rewarding everyday good deeds like entering the spelling bee, tutoring another student or just having the courage to be themselves. Give a surprise high five in the form of skip-a-day-of-chores coupons, their favorite dinners or special time set aside for just the two of you to recap the day and set goals for tomorrow.

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