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Free printable calendars from hoops&yoyo™

By hoops&yoyo
hoops&yoyo™ free printable calendar

Are you ready for the new year? Well, are ya? It’s a clean slate, people! We’d like to suggest you start filling it with smiles…hoops&yoyo style! Take your pick of our free printable calendar pages with just a click! Oh, it’s gonna be niiiiiice.

2016 Printable Calendars


hoops&yoyo stay busy, busy, busy making ecards, blogging blogs, showing off photos sent in by all their friends and talking bob into buying them just one more cup of coffee (and then another...and get the idea)! Check out the hoops&yoyo™ fan site for more free downloads and other fun stuff! C’mon, let’s have fun TOGETHER!!

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