Cocktails & creativity: coloring party ideas

Friends Cocktails & creativity: coloring

Coloring for adults is quite the craze these days, and for lots of good reasons: It’s a great way to chill o...

Cocktails & creativity: collage party ideas

Friends Cocktails & creativity: collage

Piece together a good time with a cocktails and collage party. Here you’ll find everything you need—from creative ...

Cocktails & creativity: hand lettering

Friends Cocktails & creativity: hand lettering

Hand lettering is hot right now. It can be a little trickier than it looks, so watch our Cocktails & Lettering...

Hand Turkeys - Cocktails & Creativity

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Christmas Ornament Making Party - Cocktails & Creativity

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Shannon shows her friends how easy it is to turn wine corks and wire into handmade Christmas tree ornaments.

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Cocktails & Holiday Garlands

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Needle Felting - Cocktails & Creativity

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