3 Ways to Display the Angel or Snowmen Bell Choirs

Angel bell choir on shelf

These cheerful, porcelain bells are Christmas chameleons: When they’re turned off, the five bells are snowy white dusted with glitter topped with beautiful angels or sweet snowman depending on which set you choose. Switch them on with the remote control and watch the figurines come alive with multicolored lights synced to five classic Christmas songs. You can also set the bell choir to a silent light display.

Wireless technology lets you display them up to 20 feet apart—so you can enjoy them a number of ways depending on your decor and room arrangement. Here are a few decorating ideas for these magical décor pieces from Hallmark’s photo stylists.

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Together in tiers  

Put the Angel Bell Choir on a bookshelf to create a multilevel theatrical experience. Set at different levels on the same shelf or separate shelves, the lights project snowflake patterns on multiple surfaces, and the sound bounces from bell to bell. Incorporate them into decorative vignettes. Rest them on stacks of books—even use the bells in place of bookends to frame your favorite volumes.

Pro tip: Place bells where walls intersect to make the snowflake light show reflect off both surfaces.

Around the room for immersive sound  

Because the each of the bell choirs includes five angels or snowmen, you can fill a whole room with light and sound.

  • The chimes really envelop you when you sit in their midst on a cozy couch. Try placing them at different heights: on a mantel, coffee table, side table and shelf.
  • Lead guests into a party by starting the display at your front door. Place on shelves and tables moving down the hall into your living or dining room.

Pro tip: Make sure the figurines are out of reach of kids and pets. They are made of porcelain.

Gathered in a merry circle  

The bell choirs make entertaining centerpieces—especially grouped around a large candle or a vase of Christmas flowers.

  • Bring a touch of Christmas magic to the dinner table, and let the bell choir act as a cue to let the family know it’s time to eat. When everyone is seated, set the lights to glow like candles.
  • Group them on a coffee table and play a few carols before settling in to watch your favorite Hallmark Channel Christmas movie.

Pro tip: The bell choirs cast snowflake patterns on nearby surfaces, so look for a candle or vase that reflects the light.