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Deck your halls with DIY Christmas decorations

DIY Christmas Decorations

Hallmark Master Designer Will Brown shows you how to use Hallmark Gift Wrap to create a variety of beautiful DIY Christmas decorations. Just watch the videos below, gather your supplies and get ready to spruce up your holiday decor. Let’s decorate!

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1. DIY Table Runner  

2. DIY Christmas Centerpiece  

3. DIY Holiday Place Cards  

4. DIY Holiday Mantle Decor  

5. DIY Garland  

6. DIY Holiday Wall Art  

7. DIY Holiday Entryway Decor  

8. DIY Christmas Wreath  

9. DIY Origami Spiral Ornament  

10. DIY Origami Ball Ornament  

11. DIY Origami Dove Ornament  

Creator Bio - Will Brown

Will Brown is a Hallmark Master Designer who loves to entertain, decorate, and create personal gifts and treats for friends and family. He shares hints, tips, and secrets in his Hallmark & Community series "DIY with Will Brown."