Free printable Christmas donation gift tags

Free printable Christmas donation gift tags

When visions of new toys begin dancing in the heads of your kids at Christmas, it’s the perfect time to remind your youngsters about charity. Opportunities to give snowball during the holiday season, but here’s a super-simple and kid-friendly idea: Ask them to think about donating some toys that they haven’t played with in awhile. It’s a great way for kids to give back to their community, and they’ll find delight in knowing they had a hand in giving other kids joy with their toys.

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To gather the goods, simply find a box or “give-back” sack for your kids to place the toys they want to donate. (Ten is a nice round number to aim for, but any amount will do.) Then, print out our super-sized free printable gift tags so they can sign their names and add a dash of Christmas cheer to their charitable contribution.

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  • Mike Adair is an artist at Hallmark and co-creator of hoops&yoyo (he's the voice of hoops). He is often called upon to be one of Santa’s helpers—both at home and at work. When he isn’t eating milk and cookies, Mike likes to draw funny pictures and create fun toys.

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