DIY gift basket ideas for everyone on your Christmas list

Gift Basket Ideas

Sometimes the perfect Christmas gift is lots of little things, all bundled together. Want to create a themed gift bundle for someone you love? We put our thinking stockings on and came up with a whole host of nontraditional gift basket ideas perfect for a variety of personality types and interests. Let’s get ready to bundle!

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For your man-cave caveman  

Gift basket idea: Place all your gifts in an unused pizza carton, a little rolling cooler or in a new metal trashcan that he can re-use.

Add-ins: Customized coasters or drink cozies, a pillow made out of an old jersey or his favorite team’s colors, and a Keepsake Ornament of his favorite athlete. And don’t forget to load him up with snacks like jerky, nuts, popcorn and some bacon jam turnovers.

For the gamer  

Gift basket idea: Roll up a Twister mat like a giant wrapped candy for your game enthusiast. Or serve up the fun in an old board-game box.

Add-ins: Nostalgic board games, handheld video games, toys, decks of cards, dice and a T-shirt featuring a character from his game du jour.

For Mr. or Mrs. Fix-It  

Gift basket idea: Take the gift basket to a new low by adding your items to a toolbox or paint can and rolling it in on a car creeper.

Add-ins: Tools with fun notes added, like a level “for the playing field” and a “nailed it!” gun. Show you know who’s the fixmaster with a hot-rod ornament.

For Miss Glamorous  

Gift basket idea: A pretty framed mirror (sandwich in a hand towel between the mirror and the gifts so the mirror doesn’t get scratched), glass jar or an over-the-tub tray. Or, roll up a bath sheet like a sleeping bag with toiletries tucked inside. Then use the elastic band of a sleep mask to hold it all together and top it with a bath scrubbie for the bow.

Add-ins: All sorts of potions, lotions, powder puffs and face buffs (and don’t forget a set of pretty pajamas) for an over-the-top gift that’ll send her over the moon. Tuck in something special featuring every fashionista’s favorite, Barbie™.

For the artsy-type  

Gift basket idea: A trio of rolling organizing drawers or a wheeled caddy.

Add-ins: Crafting tools, art supplies and adult coloring books are always a great idea. Provide blank labels and decorations for the outside to fit your recipient. Tuck a gift card in the top drawer to a local craft store and your Martha wannabe will be all set.

For the outdoorsy-type  

Gift basket idea: A backpack, camping stove or portable canvas chair, or a mesh equipment bag.

Add-ins: Equipment for his or her favorite sports, camping accessories, sunglasses, a waterproof wallet, new sport shoes, solar-powered chargers and a “campy” Keepsake Ornament for remembering fun outdoor times together.

For the movie and TV buff  

Gift basket idea: A large popcorn bucket or bowl or a lap tray.

Add-ins: Wine or flavored teas, movie candy and a bag of reindeer crunch popcorn, DVDs, hot-off-the-press bestselling books, a homemade bookmark, and movie theater or restaurant gift cards. And give them some epic moments to relive with some favorite stars from the small and big screen.

For the holiday survivalist  

Gift basket idea: Gift wrap storage holder or hanging shoe holder with lots of pockets for stashing necessities.

Add-ins: Gift wrap, tape, boxes, bows, gift bags and tissue paper. Batteries (all sizes), a gift card to a grocery store, paper towels, hand sanitizer, aspirin, party hats, and a bottle of wine with cheese and crackers, or go the other route with energy drinks and chocolate. And don’t forget to give them a way to count down the final days with a countdown Keepsake Ornament.

For the homebody  

Gift basket idea: Organizing container or canister set, a large lantern or a pretty throw.

Add-ins: Candles (and candle lighters), batteries, a new tool set and picture-hanging hardware. Fill a pretty plate, tin or utensil holder with homemade cookies. If the basket is for a new neighbor, add in a list of neighborhood families’ names and phone numbers and menus from good local restaurants (that have been vetted by you, of course) and a New Home Holiday Ornament.

For the new parents  

Gift basket idea: Diaper bag, small laundry basket or umbrella stroller, or make a cute diaper wreath and add your items to it with ribbons.

Add-ins: Diapers and onesies, baby nail clippers and bath wash, receiving blankets, burping cloths and bibs. Add in a pretty printable family tree or birth record they can hang in their nursery and a New Parents and Baby Keepsake Ornament. And don’t forget some baby rattle treats—a sweet sugary boost for the new mom and dad.

For the chef  

Gift basket idea: A cutting board or large chip and dip tray, or a punch bowl or large colander.

Add-ins: Gourmet bread and dip mixes, fancy or homemade rubs and vinegars, a recipe box filled with recipe cards (fill out some with favorite recipes you want to share), a new apron and some grilling tools. Wine or bottle openers, bartending supplies, a cookie press, butter crock and a Ready to Roll Christmas Baking Tree ornament for the pièce de résistance!

For the pet lover  

Gift basket idea: A comfy pet bed or cat cave or handy-dandy pet carrier.

Add-ins: Fill with DIY dog and cat toys, homemade pet treats, a new collar, a funny pet book and a pet brush or comb. A bird-watching pair of binoculars and a bird guide and an adorable pet stocking perfect for dogs or cats. Then add a cute dog or cat ornament to the mix.