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Heritage Collection - Hallmark & Community

Think.Make.Share Managing Editor Tobe Reed has an eye for design and attention to detail. From her daughter’s vintage inspired nursery to the perfect Friendsgiving tabletop, she makes all things shine. So it’s no surprise that when she got her hands on The Heritage Collection from Hallmark, she took what was already beautifully made and handcrafted and wove it into her home in a most inspiring and lovely way. Read on and get ready for some major holiday eye candy!

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Tree with Heritage Ornaments - Hallmark & Community

As Hallmark artists, we have over 100 years of Hallmark artistry at our fingertips. One. Hundred. Years. As in, a century. I don’t know about you, but that very much blows my mind.

Tree with Heritage Ornaments - Hallmark & Community

So when I first caught wind of the concept behind the Heritage Collection, I knew it would reflect everything we love most about this great company’s legacy – its rich history, impeccable craftsmanship, and worldly influence.

Tree with Heritage Ornaments - Hallmark & Community

I also knew I would want every single piece.

Tree with Heritage Ornaments - Hallmark & Community

As someone with a pretty significant adoration for décor that feels personal and tells a story, I love that so many of these pieces blend seamlessly with my collected aesthetic.

Tree with Heritage Ornaments - Hallmark & Community

It just so happens that my good friend, Mirna, designed several of the ornaments I gravitated toward. She’s wildly talented, that one. I love the oversized blown glass bulbs on a smaller tree (like this five footer). The colors are vibrant and unexpected, and with such intricate design detail, it doesn’t take many to make a statement! I filled in the bare spots with a few smaller neutral baubles and amped up the sparkle with a glittery tree ribbon.

Heritage Decor - Hallmark & Community

Many of my favorite home décor items from the line are in the neutral/white/gold colorway, which complements my ever-growing brass collection (I might legitimately have a problem. I have a real weakness for brass!).

Heritage Decor - Hallmark & Community

The look is timeless, chic, and modern, and allows for other colors to pop in easily when I add to my holiday décor in the future.

Heritage Decor - Hallmark & Community

It will also pair beautifully with fresh greenery for a simple, classic look.

Heritage Collection detail - Hallmark & Community

And the candleholders! I can’t get my hands on enough of them. (For real. I’m still on the hunt for one size!) I threw a string of those tiny twinkling battery-powered lights in each one and grouped them with white candles and lots of brass (duh) for a luxe tabletop that will shimmer well into the night. The table runner extends the possibilities with its elegant embellished linen on one side and metallic gold on the reverse.


I just love how the colorful ornaments contrast with the neutral table.

And – bonus! – they can do double duty as wonderful gifts for dinner guests!

The range in this collection is pretty incredible. Whether you like your holiday décor on the sweeter side or you tend to skew more elegant, you’ll appreciate the level of detail and craftsmanship that has gone into every piece.

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