5 fresh-from-the-garden fall desserts

5 fresh-from-the-garden fall desserts

What’s more wonderful than baskets overflowing with fresh fruits from your garden? Making mouthwatering desserts out of them, that’s what. Celebrate the success of your garden harvest with these 5 sweet ways to bring out the best in your freshly picked fruit: green tomato pie, glazed pumpkin cookies, mulberry pie, fig spread and deep dish peach pie with crumb topping.

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Green tomato pie

Green tomato pie

This quick and easy pie recipe is a tasty way to use those end-of-the-season green tomatoes from your garden.

Pumpkin Cookies Recipe

Pumpkin cookies

These soft, fluffy cookies topped with a brown sugar glaze put the mmm in pummmpkin.

Mulberry pie

Mulberry pie

Mulberries are mixed in a simple filling, then topped with a cinnamon-sugar oatmeal crumb topping to bring out their fresh-picked flavors.

Fig spread

Fresh fig spread

Add this delicious fig spread to toast, biscuits or baquettes or use as a sweet and savory accompaniment to a cheese and cracker tray.

Deep dish peach pie with crumb topping

Deep-dish peach pie with crumb topping

Fresh sliced peaches are baked in a sour cream filling with a brown sugar-cinnamon crumb topping.

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  • A special thanks to the Pendleton Heights neighborhood in Kansas City, Missouri for sharing the beauty and bounty of their gardens with us.