Father’s Day gift ideas

Father's Day gift ideas

It doesn’t have to cost a lot to make Dad feel like No. 1 on Father’s Day. If he’s like most dads, he’d rather spend time with you than have you spend money on him. The main thing is to do something that shows Dad you know and appreciate him. With that in mind, check out these low-cost (and even no-cost!) Father’s Day gift ideas:

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Make his card more personal by writing down a favorite memory of him inside. Bonus: Make it a group effort—arrange for all his kids to write down their memories.

Road trip!  

Drive him to a favorite place, like a sentimental spot from his past or any place he enjoys going. Bonus: Don’t let him pay for gas—even though he’ll probably try.

A thousand words  

Frame a meaningful photo for him. Bonus: Share a related story or memory.

Take an interest  

Ask him about—or join him in—a sport, hobby or other activity he enjoys. Or use this as an excuse to try something new together. Disc golf anyone?

Help out  

Do a chore for him—mowing, painting or the like. Bonus: Make it something he taught you to do. (Then he’ll know you were paying attention.)

The gift of time  

Maybe what he needs most are a few uninterrupted hours to catch up on things. Things like sleep and fantasy baseball. Arrange for that time to happen.

Dear Dad...  

Write a note or letter thanking him for all he does. A sheet of paper tucked inside his card will do the job.


Research one of his ancestors. Start an album or scrapbook to share what you find.

Child labor  

Take any gesture up a notch by getting his young kids or grandkids involved. They’ll be happy to contribute their artwork, performances, hugs and smiles.