Cocktails & creativity: collage party ideas

Cocktails & creativity: collage party ideas

Piece together a good time with a cocktails and collage party. Here you’ll find everything you need—from creative party ideas to collage materials to finger food and cocktail recipes—to plan an enjoyable evening of chilling out and cutting up with your friends! Plus, in the videos below, Hallmark Master Artist Lynn Giunta shows you how to create your own tissue paper collage.

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Cocktails & Collage Party Tips & Ideas  

Collage Ideas and Techniques  

How to Make a Collage  

Expert Collage Tips & Gift Ideas  

Ready to host your own Cocktails & Collage party? Here’s what you’ll need:  

  • Ample work space
  • Boards or canvases
  • Mod Podge or other decoupage glue or watered-down regular white glue
  • Scissors
  • Paintbrushes
  • Tissue paper (wrinkled is fine)
  • Shapes and letters to trace (we’ve created a printable of collage pattern ideas to get you started)
  • Tracing paper (optional)
  • Finger-friendly snacks and cocktails (recipes below)
  • Hostess tip: Make sure to have plenty of paper towels on hand. Collaging can get a little messy!

Finger-friendly snack recipes  

Asian black bean dip recipe with wonton chips

Asian black bean dip with wonton chips

You’ll be pleasantly surprised by how easy this fresh-tasting (and addictive!) appetizer is to make. The wonton chips are scrumptious baked or fried.

Asian pulled pork sliders recipe with basil chimichurri

Asian pulled pork sliders with basil chimichurri

Serve these crispy pork sliders with our deliciously dippable Thai basil chimichurri—this garlicky green sauce is so good you’ll want to eat it with a spoon!

Asian Caponata Recipe

Asian caponata

Sauteed eggplants are the foundation for this craveable caponata dip. Serve with crackers or wonton chips.

Cocktail recipes  

Brazilian lemonade recipe

Brazilian lemonade

This is a tangy adaptation of a classic Brazilian cocktail made with Brazilian lemons, which are more similar in look and taste to limes in the United States.


Cold toddy recipe

Cold toddy

You don’t have to have a summer cold to benefit
from this comforting cocktail made with chamomile tea, whiskey, honey and lemon juice. Take a sip and say “Ahhh!”

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