10 easy Halloween costumes for adults

Adult Halloween costumes

Need a last-minute Halloween costume? Try one of these quick and easy Halloween costume ideas that combine clever wordplay with ordinary items you have around the house. They’re scary simple—so dress up this year and make trick-or-treating even more fun for your grown-up self and the little monsters. You’ll get cackles and giggles every time you answer the door.

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Dust Bunny: Fashion ears and a tail, draw on whiskers and a pink nose, and tear cotton balls up for dust. Use dark makeup smudges to look even dustier.

Chocolate “Moose”: Grab some sticks from the yard to make antlers, and decorate a vest with chocolate bars!

Old Flame: Wear old-age makeup and a large heart necklace. Cut red, orange and yellow construction paper into flame shapes and wear them as a headpiece.

Catch-22: Wear a baseball cap and mitt and hold a ball with the number 22 written on it.

Piñata: Wrap a few rolls of colorful crepe paper around yourself and wear a birthday cone hat for emphasis. Throw candy in the air when you open the door!

Smart Cookie: Tape paper cookie cutouts to a t-shirt, wear glasses, and tuck a pencil behind your ear or in your hair.

Cuddle Bug: Add pipe cleaner antennae to a headband. Wear cozy pajamas and slippers and carry a blanket.

All Right: Wear two right shoes and two right-hand gloves. (The bigger and brighter, the better!)

Monkey’s Uncle: Carry a stuffed monkey and wear a nametag that says “Uncle.”

High-Five: Attach a large cardboard cutout of a number 5 to a hat. Ask trick-or-treaters for high-fives!