Futuristic family Halloween costumes

DIY Family Halloween Costumes

No need to search far, far away for fun family Halloween costumes this year. With just a little cosmic creativity (and silver spray paint!), you can turn everyday objects into out-of-this world costumes for the whole family. Ready to get inspired? Here’s how to take those castoffs to blastoff in 3-2-1…

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Planetary parents  

DIY Family Halloween Costumes: Planetary Parents

Morph Mom and Dad into super-techno-parental units with vintage white clothes, silver and neon accessories, toy guns and kitchen gadgets. Download the instructions for the full list of items and additional details.

Mom costume instructions

Dad costume instructions

Tip: Be resourceful: shop at thrift stores and dollar stores first to save money, then try vintage shops and hardware, costume and toy stores for more odds and ends.

Galaxy girls  

DIY Family Halloween Costumes: Galaxy Girls

Get your girls all set for a galaxy of adventure with miniskirts, tights, neon accessories, embroidery hoops and giant hair curlers. Download the instructions for more ideas and item details.

Young girl costume instructions

Teen girl costume instructions

Tip: Think about anything and everything: duct tape, knobs, nuts and bolts, bits of plastic, wire, cord, wood pieces, light bulbs, aluminum pans, plastic dishes, strainers, cooking gadgets, old sporting equipment, paint and craft supplies. But think lightweight—you don’t want to make the costumes too heavy to wear.

Robot boy and his cosmic canine  

DIY Family Halloween Costumes: Robot Boy and Cosmic Canine

Build a better robot with odds and ends from your kitchen and garage like dryer vents, pot lids, water bottles and silver duct tape. Download the instructions for more details and a full list of items.

Boy costume instructions

Dog costume instructions

Tip: Silver spray paint is a great “space-maker.” Objects take on a completely futuristic look with a coat of silver spray paint. Also helpful to have on hand: a drill, nuts and bolts, 5-minute epoxy, adhesive removers, sand paper (to scuff plastics and metals before painting) and Velcro.

Hallmark photo stylist, Betsy Gantt, has created countless sets and all manner of handcrafted props, including cradles for kitties, elaborate fairy scenes and tiny trinket worlds. She spends her free time exploring flea markets for tiki collectibles and perfecting the mai tai.