25+ ways to make Halloween extra sweet for kids

An illustration of a little girl dressed up for halloween as a witch, with a black polka-dotted dress and orange and green stockings; she's holding a broom in one hand and a jack-o-lantern candy bucket in the other.

I’ve never met anyone who loves Halloween as much as my 4-year-old brother. He couldn’t believe that a whole day was dedicated to eating candy and woke up every morning for the next week expecting to do it again (sorry, Mom). 

Whether you’ve got kiddos in your own life who are also obsessed with Halloween or you’re the candy-crazed one wanting to make their celebration memorable, we’ve got some fun ideas to do it! Think frighteningly fun games, ghoulish goodies to snack on and more sugary-sweet surprises for the whole family. 

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Activities for a ghastly good time  

An illustration of a painted paper jack-o-lantern, surrounded but cut paper scraps, a pair of scissors and a paintbrush with orange paint on it.

Trick-or-treating is definitely the star of the show when it comes to Halloween plans, but there are so many other exciting ways to bring the family together for frightful fun. We rounded up every idea we’ve got and even came up with some new ones:

  • Coloring together. These Halloween-themed coloring pages make it easy. Just round up some art supplies and you’re all set!
  • Playing some boredom-busting games. We’ve got printable ones, plus pumpkin bowling and other cool ideas to get in the Halloween spirit. 
  • Having a movie night. Need recommendations that won’t keep the kids up all night? Find some here. And if Disney Hocus Pocus happens to be a family favorite, see how we threw an entire party around it and try throwing one yourself!
  • Mixing up a batch of slime. It’s almost impossible to not love slime (that goes for kids and adults). Throw in glitter and sparkles to make it an ooey-gooey potion. 
  • Sending some Halloween cards to family and friends. Let the kids add their own special touches with stickers, glitter glue and a piece of candy or two! Don’t know what to write inside? We’ve got message ideas fit for the occasion. 
  • Decorating a Halloween tree. Why should Christmas get to have all the fun? With an artificial tree and your favorite ornaments—especially these Halloween-themed ones— you can put a new twist on the holiday tradition. 
  • Telling not-so-scary stories. Have you ever met a kid who loves being scared (or scaring others) on Halloween? You know, the ones who sneak to watch horror movies, try to have the scariest costume their parents will allow and spend all of October jumping out from behind doors hoping to scare unsuspecting victims? That was me growing up. However, if the kids in your life aren’t so eager to have nightmares, have fun sharing silly Halloween stories instead! Sit in a circle with your favorite snacks (recipe ideas below), grab blankets to make the living room floor comfy and make up a lighthearted Halloween tale. Start with a simple beginning like, “One Halloween night…” and let everyone add a line or two to continue the story. 
  • Having a DIY costume contest. Fill a bowl with different costume ideas, like an astronaut, a doctor, an alien, and other wacky ideas you can think of. Each person has to take turns choosing a costume from the bowl and finding items around the house to create it. Best costume gets a full-size candy bar of their choice!
  • Throwing a dance party. All that candy calls for dancing! If you need tunes to get your groove on, check out this Halloween-themed Spotify playlist. 
  • Planning a candy scavenger hunt. If the kids in your life are anything like my little brother, their post trick-or-treating plan is to eat allll their new candy as soon as they get home. To avoid the sugar rush (and their worst stomachache ever), make a game out of saving some candy for later with a scavenger hunt! We’ve even got some tips on how to plan one here. 


Or, make like a witch and get crafty! From pumpkin art to DIY Halloween decorations, we’ve got fun crafts to keep kiddos (and grown-ups) occupied:


For even more ways to create Halloween family fun at home, check out the full article!

All treats, no tricks  

An illustration depicting different Halloween treats, including a black and white stripped cake with orange icing drips and tombstones on top, pieces of candy corn, and ghost treat pops.

If you’re not sick of all the sugar yet, we’ve got some yummy snacks the kids will love. And the best part? Most of these are simple enough for them to help as your sous-chef!


Need a break from the sweets? Check out these delicious savory bites! 

Halloween gifts for all your favorite ghouls  

Trick-or-treating doesn’t have to end with candy. We’ve rounded up some Halloween gift ideas fit for all the little (and big) pumpkins you love.

For Disney fans  

Disney Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas: When it comes to Halloween movies, The Nightmare Before Christmas is a must watch. With goodies like these Jack and Sally Better Togethers, adorable Zero plush, and a Funko Pop® Jack ornament, you’ll feel like the characters are sitting right beside you! If you need something to plus up a Halloween basket, this personalized The Nightmare Before Christmas card and The Nightmare Before Christmas VHS case ornament are our picks. 

Disney Hocus Pocus: It’s no secret that we LOVE Hocus Pocus. So much actually that we threw an entire party around it (recreate it with our tips here). If your fave peeps are just as obsessed as us, throw these Sanderson Sisters Better Togethers in their Halloween basket, or this cute and cozy Black Flame Candle blanket. Give trick-or-treaters a surprise, too, with this witchy light up cauldron, equipped with light and sound to make your house the coolest on the block.

For Peanuts fans  

If your crew isn’t into all the scares, these Peanuts® gifts might be a better fit. This light-up Snoopy pillow is perfect for Halloween movie marathons, along with a blanket and Floppy Snoopy plush to snuggle with. For a kid’s Halloween basket, add this papercraft card and itty bittys® Snoopy with sound.

For grown-ups’ baskets, our picks include this nostalgic glassware set and for those with a Halloween tree, an “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown” papercraft ornament with light or Trick-or-Treating Pals ornament with light and sound.

For little ones  

A selection of Halloween gifts for kids, including a greeting card with a felt witch, ghost and monster on the front that reads

Some kids grow up watching allll the scary movies and somehow seem totally unfazed. (While my parents did let me watch even the scariest of movies, I WAS fazed and still can’t fully close my eyes in the shower.) Other kids say no thanks to anything scary early on and save themselves the nightmares. If the little ones on your list hate anything that goes “boo,” these picks are all festive, no fear. 

First, get them excited for the big day with this glow-in-the-dark Halloween countdown calendar. Then gift them any of these cute plush, including a Jumbo Jack-o-lantern, Spider Zip Along, or a Candy Corn & Pumpkin Better Together Set. Finish off their Halloween baskets with a cute Halloween card and some colorful stickers. 

With these sweet Halloween activities and gifts for kids, you’re ready for a celebration full of fun and unforgettable memories.

Need more Halloween ideas to make their Halloween sweet? You know we’ve got ‘em: