Fun + yum = ice-cream topping math!

Ice cream + fun sundae toppings = Sweetest. Homework. Ever.

Watch our fun ice-cream math animated GIFs to get the latest scoop on ice-cream sundae toppings your kids will love—they all add up to YUM! But don’t bother rounding up pencils, paper, or erasers, because all you’ll need to solve these problems is a spoon and an appetite for silly fun. Study buddies are highly encouraged, but be forewarned…the longer the equation, the sweeter the solution! Class dismissed.

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Please Feed the Bears!  

Themed ice-cream sundae toppings: please feed the bears

Vanilla ice cream + Teddy Grahams + honey + chocolate syrup + Honeycomb cereal = PLEASE FEED THE BEARS!

Island Paradise Cream  

Themed ice-cream sundae toppings: island paradise cream

Vanilla ice cream + blueberries + strawberries + banana slices + crushed pineapple + mandarin oranges + coconut sprinkles = ISLAND PARADISE CREAM

S’more Please!  

Themed ice-cream sundae toppings: s'more please!

Chocolate ice cream + Golden Grahams cereal + mini marshmallows + chocolate syrup + chocolate shavings = S’MORE PLEASE!

Mint Condition  

Themed ice-cream sundae toppings: mint condition

Mint chip ice cream + Andes mints + mint cookie crumbles = MINT CONDITION

Hippy Dippin’  

Themed ice-cream sundae toppings: hippy dippin'

Rainbow sherbet + granola + rainbow sprinkles = HIPPY DIPPIN’

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