5 easy Mother’s Day crafts

Mother's Day crafts

Flowers are everywhere around Mother’s Day…but did you know you can make them yourself? OK, not real flowers of course, though in some ways the ideas below are even better (because, as any mom will attest, the best gifts are made by their kids’ hands). No matter what your age or skill level, we have 5 flowery ways to make her day: a colorful felt flower garden that doubles as chore coupons, floral stencils to fancy up tea towels or cloth napkins, kid-friendly stitched paper flowers, a paper flower bouquet made from card stock and felt flower corsages Mom can wear with pride. Just click, print and start creating…all for the love of Mom!

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DIY felt flowers bouquet craft

Felt flower chore garden

There’s nothing like a fresh bouquet of flowers. Except maybe the fresh scent of a clean house. With this easy chore garden craft, Mom can have both—just write a chore task on the back of the stem sticks (examples: “clean my room” or “unload dishwasher” or fun ones like “give mom a hug” or “make mom laugh”). Then Mom can pluck a flower from the planter and hand it to her kid—or to her spouse—for a chore to be done. There, it’s as easy as waving a wand. Talk about a gift that keeps on giving…

Get the felt flower chore garden templates and instructions

Paper flower bouquet craft

Paper flowers bouquet

These flowers are so easy to make and turn out so pretty, you’ll have a hard time sticking to the plan of only making a dozen. Embellish the leaves with a few words of love and thanks for everything Mom does for you, and she’ll be tickled pink.

Get the paper flowers templates and instructions

Floral stencils craft

Floral stencils

Who knew freezer paper had so many talents? Turn some simple linens into Mom-worthy gifts with the help of freezer paper, fabric paint and an iron. She’ll be impressed with your efforts.

Get the floral stencil templates and instructions

Stitched paper flowers craft

Stitched paper flowers

These little-kid-friendly flowers are easy to make. A trip to the craft store for a small hole-punch, embroidery thread and card stock, and you’ll be on your way to some fancy flower-making.

Get the stitched paper flowers templates and instructions

Heart-felt corsages craft

Heart“felt” corsages

Give Mom a fancy pin she can wear to show off how awesome her kids are. (She loves doing that.) And no one has to tell her how easy they are to make. That’s just between you and the glue gun.

Get the heart“felt” corsages templates and instructions

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