DIY dog and cat toys

A pet toy made with love and care can last longer, create more family memories, and be just generally more fun than a toy you find in a pet store. Have you got an itch to craft your own canine and feline playthings? Try out these instructions and templates…or use them as inspiration to create your own almost-people pleasers.

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DIY Dog Toy: Crazy Caterpillar

Crazy caterpillar dog chew toy

This cute little guy’s coloring is created by crushing dandelion leaves and flowers onto canvas. Some rubber balls as filler make it a throwable, chewable, fetch-worthy friend.

Download the crazy caterpillar chew toy instructions and templates

DIY Cat Toy: Jiggly Jellyfish

Jiggly jellyfish cat toy

What’s not to love about this jiggly dangle toy made with felt balls, elastic and leather cord? It’s a bouncy-pouncy kitty’s dream come true.

Download the jellyfish cat toy instructions and templates

Susan Crilley is a senior designer at Hallmark. She's been drawing, stitching, and crafting for longer than she can remember—and an animal lover for even longer than that. Susan lives with her husband, two keeshonds, two cats, a chinchilla and a leopard tortoise.