The ingredient: 3 egg recipes

The ingredient: 3 egg recipes

Spring means eggs—it’s the time when hens naturally get down to the business of laying them. The egg is also historically associated with both Easter (the end of Lent means a return to luxuries like eggs and meat) and Passover (eggs are a traditional part of the Seder plate). Over the years, uniquely egg-centric dishes have been created to celebrate the season, ranging from a Russian cheesecake called paskha to ciambella, an Italian braided bread with whole eggs baked into it.

Because of their chemical structure, eggs are widely used in cooking to emulsify, thicken, stabilize and enrich. Our three egg recipes will take you from Matzo Brei, a traditional Jewish dish, to a creative use of hard-boiled eggs in Green Beans Polonaise and a delectable Vanilla Skillet Soufflé. Incredible? Maybe. Delicious? Definitely.

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Savory Matzo Brei Recipe

Savory matzo brei

Our delicious Matzo Brei recipe cooks to crispy, cheesy perfection. Serve this popular dish in generous wedges for a traditional Passover breakfast or brunch your guests will love.

Green Beans Polonaise Recipe

Green beans polonaise

This tasty polonaise twist on the traditional green bean casserole is sure to become a new family favorite.

Vanilla Skillet Souffle Recipe

Vanilla skillet soufflé

With just a few everyday ingredients and a nonstick skillet, you can create a light and airy vanilla soufflé sure to impress your guests.