Traditional (and tasty!) Kentucky Derby party recipes

Traditional Kentucky Derby recipes

If it’s the first Saturday in May, the horses are running at Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky. The lucky Kentucky Derby attendees celebrate by donning their racetrack best (the women wearing spectacular hats), drinking a frosty mint julep and eating a piece of Derby-Pie®.

You can make your Kentucky Derby party a winner with our delectable version of a similar pie, made with pecans, chocolate and, in honor of the state of Kentucky, a dash of bourbon. Visitors to the Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs can also buy their mint juleps in a commemorative glass—a different one for each year (the glass shown below is from 1954, the year the Derby-Pie® was born). If you’re watching the Derby at home, however, you might want to serve the drinks in the classic mint julep cup, which is a tumbler made of sterling silver.


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Chocolate-Pecan Pie Recipe

Chocolate-pecan pie

This Chocolate-Pecan Pie is ideal for race-day celebrations…and pretty much any other time of the year! Have fun creating variations on this sweet theme with our reduced-calorie version and 3 other tasty twists on the traditional pie.

Mint Julep Recipe

Mint julep

Sipping a frosty mint julep is a tasty Kentucky Derby tradition, but we think this refreshing cocktail is also perfect for sipping away any sultry summer day.