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Pucker up! Add a little zest to your Valentine’s Day with these romantic dinner recipes

Romantic Dinner Recipes for Valentine's Day

Folklore has long associated the lovely, sunshine-colored lemon with romance. In the Middle Ages, oils and powders made from lemon rinds were often stirred into love potions. More recently (in the last century) a common bit of folk wisdom suggested that a small heart cut from lemon peel and carried in the pocket would attract a suitor. And to this day, some say that a dream of lemons foretells good fortune in romantic relationships.

In our modern era, maybe we’ve got lemons all wrong—and maybe it’s time to change some opinions! To that end, we present this romantic dinner menu designed to add a little zest to your Valentine’s Day. From bruschetta to baked salmon to truffles, these luscious lemony recipes are guaranteed make your sweetie pucker up.

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Lemon Kiss Limoncello Cocktail Recipe

Lemon kiss limoncello cocktail

This light and lemony cocktail recipe is perfectly portioned to top off two champagne flutes, making it the perfect pairing for toasting your togetherness.

Lemon-Ricotta Bruschetta Recipe

Lemon-ricotta bruschetta

Put a little zest in your bruschetta. This deliciously different appetizer offers a refreshing twist on traditional tomato bruschetta.

Lemon Pasta Recipe

Lemon pasta

This luscious Lemon Pasta recipe includes pancetta, parmigiano, lemon zest and capers, with a dash of red pepper flakes to spice things up. Serve as a side dish or light main course.

Salmon en papillote with lemony gremolata

Salmon en papillote with lemony gremolata

This baked salmon recipe combines salmon fillets, asparagus and lemon en papillotte (parchment packets) to create an impressive, yet easy, dinner for two.

Lemon Pot de Crème Recipe

Lemon pot de crème

Made with heavy cream, sugar and grated Meyer lemon zest, this creamy dessert for two is the perfect choice to cap off a romantic dinner at home.

Lemon Truffles Recipe

Lemon truffles

These no-bake lemon truffles are bursting with fresh-squeezed flavor. Top these sweet and simple truffles with our luscious lemon glaze for even more citrusy goodness.

Preserved Lemons Recipe

Preserved lemons

You can use preserved lemons to add a fresh twist of flavor to a variety of dishes. Once you try it, you will look for ways to incorporate this tart and tasty ingredient in your other favorite recipes, like our Lemon-Ricotta Bruschetta.

Candied Lemon Peels Recipe

Candied lemon peels

No matter how you serve them—on the side of a cocktail glass, atop a lemon cake or in a candy dish—these Candied Lemon Peels are a delightful way to wake up your taste buds.

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