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Unique wedding bouquet ideas

Unique wedding bouquet ideas

Wedding bouquets—they’re not just for flowers anymore! Toss the traditional and get inspired with these unique and beautiful wedding bouquet ideas (like paper flowers, brooch bouquets and succulents) from the Hallmark Photo Studio.

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Unique wedding bouquet ideas: brooch bouquet

Brooch bouquet

The beauty of brooch bouquets (other than the obvious one—they’re just so pretty!) is that you can keep them forever. Sift through your grandmother’s jewelry box (or visit some flea markets or garage sales) for costume jewelry brooches in your bridal color theme. Cover a Styrofoam sphere with a fabric of your choice and glue it to a bouquet handle. Use the pins on the backs of the brooches to secure them into the sphere. Finish it off with a coordinating ribbon around the handle looped into a big bow.

Unique wedding bouquet ideas: succulent bouquet

Succulent bouquet

Succulents are very popular right now and make a beautiful, simple statement. Agave, aloe, crassula, sedum, sempervivum (also known as “hen and chicks”) and senecio are just some of the varieties you could use in a succulent wedding bouquet. Loop floral wire through the base of each bloom and use floral tape around the wire to create usable stems. Tip: Some succulents are delicate and require a little bit of finesse when using floral wire on the bases of these flowers.

Unique wedding bouquet ideas: fresh vegetables bouquet

Fresh vegetable bouquet

Stroll down the aisle of your favorite market for a grouping of fresh vegetables as a unique bouquet. Stemmed grape tomatoes, large lettuce leaves, cabbage, mushrooms and broccolini are just a few ingredients our designers used for this creation. Loop floral wire through the base of each “bloom” and use floral tape around the wire to create usable stems. Rhubarb also makes a nice, sturdy stem to attach your blooms to. Tip: Lettuce leaves can start to wilt quickly, so you won’t be able to make this too far in advance.

Unique wedding bouquet ideas: paper origami bouquet

Paper origami bouquet

Origami flowers provide a whole new level of unique style when you use colorful paper with printing on both sides. Plus, you can keep it long after the honeymoon is over. For this bouquet, our designers created about nine each of two different flowers: the intensive Japanese kusudama folded paper flower and a simple spiral flower. (You can find step-by-step tutorials for both of these flowers online.) Glue on twigs or twisted craft paper for stems, and tie together with a pretty ribbon.

Unique wedding bouquet ideas: something borrowed, something blue brooch bouquet

"Something borrowed, something blue" bouquet

Here’s a fun idea—gather shades of blue together in the wedding bouquet as your “something blue.” And if you’ve used your grandmother’s or mother’s jewelry, you can cross “something borrowed” off your list too. Don’t worry about matching your colors perfectly. The varying tones and shades of your colors will complement each other when you group them all together.

Unique wedding bouquet ideas: woodland fairies bouquet

Woodland fairies bouquet

A trip to the farmers market can net you some eye-catching finds, like the curly leaf lettuce, mushrooms, tomatillos and frilly purple cabbage used in this bridal bouquet. Arrange your fresh picks into a bouquet using floral wire and a green ribbon to tie it all together and evoke a woodland-fairy feel. will be back up soon

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