DIY Christmas Stockings - Cocktails & Creativity

Christmas DIY Christmas Stockings

Shannon and her pals bring out the craft supplies and learn how to decorate an ordinary Christmas stocking.

Christmas Ornament Making Party - Cocktails & Creativity

Arts & Crafts Christmas Ornament Making Party

Shannon shows her friends how easy it is to turn wine corks and wire into handmade Christmas tree ornaments.

Cocktails & Christmas Cards Party - Cocktails & Creativity

Arts & Crafts Holiday Card Party

Shannon shows her friends how to decorate their holiday card envelopes using glitter pens, washi tape, gift trim, ...

Cocktails & Holiday Garlands

Christmas Holiday Garland Making Party

Make beautiful handmade holiday garlands in modern styles and colors using just a few supplies. Make it a party with ...

Hand Turkeys - Cocktails & Creativity

Thanksgiving Cocktails & Hand Turkeys

This time on Cocktails & Creativity, Shannon and friends get inspired by Halloween (and elementary school!) to...

Needle Felting - Cocktails & Creativity

Arts & Crafts Needle Felting

Shannon and her friends try their hands at beginner needle felting. The basics include making and decorating a nee...

Shrinky Things - Cocktails & Creativity

Arts & Crafts Shrinky Things

This time on Cocktails & Creativity, Shannon and the gang are joined by Andy from “Another Holiday (We D...

Halloween Zombie Makeup - Cocktails & Creativity

Halloween Halloween Zombie Makeup

Shannon invites some fellow zombie fans over for some Halloween makeup pro-tips. Cassie, a professional makeup art...

Paper Maché 3 - Cocktails & Creativity

Arts & Crafts Advanced Paper Maché

This time on Cocktails & Creativity, we continue our paper maché crafts party. Learn how to make paper maché u...

More Paper Maché - Cocktails & Creativity

Halloween More Paper Maché

Shannon and friends continue their paper maché crafts. This week they learn how to make faces, professional painti...

Paper Mache - Cocktails & Creativity

Arts & Crafts Paper Maché Basics

Celebrate Halloween with us as we make gorgeous paper maché pumpkins. Drinks, snacks, friends, and fun included!

Itty Bitty - Cocktails and Creativity

Arts & Crafts Making Your itty bitty

Shannon and friends take you step by step process for creating your very own itty bitty! Learn how to do color sha...