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Football fun

Football party crafts, favors and free printables

By Jeanne Field
DIY Football Crafts @hallmarkstores @hallmarkstoresIdeas

Fall is coming! Fall brings to mind many things: the new school year, Halloween, changing leaves and crisp-as-apples air. But in our house, fall means football—or football parties, to be precise. And one thing we’ve learned about hosting a football party—it’s way more fun when everyone’s head is in the game. With our four football-themed craft ideas and printable bingo game, we’ll help your whole crew get into the spirit.

For full coverage of your game-day fun, check out these football-themed recipes for your party: like our Hail Mary cocktails, li'l pigskin bites and blitz dessert bars, plus free printables.

Pennant play

DIY Football Crafts & Party Favors: Team Pennants #MyHallmark #MyHallmarkIdeas

Support your team with retro-style pennants you can wave in victory for every touchdown, field goal and two-point conversion. With some felt in team colors, iron-on letters, dowels and hot glue, you’re on your way to fandom glory.

Download the pennant instructions


Penalty and challenge (and snack) flags

DIY Football Crafts & Party Favors: Penalty Flags #MyHallmark #MyHallmarkIdeas

Argue with the refs all you want. Our challenge and penalty flags won’t cause a kerfuffle because they’re filled with yummy treats. Fellow fans and couch mates can toss them to the ground when they don’t agree with the calls on the field and then pick them up and mollify themselves with the treats inside.

Download the flag instructions


Coaster to victory

DIY Football Crafts & Party Favors: Coasters #MyHallmark #MyHallmarkIdeas

Pass out these coasters for the win (for your tables at least). Customize them with your own team colors, favorite football icons or whatever you want. They’re easy to make and they aren’t afraid of a little sweat—from your glasses and bottles, that is.

Download the coaster instructions


Yay-team pom-poms

DIY Football Crafts & Party Favors: Pom-Poms #MyHallmark #MyHallmarkIdeas

What do you appreciate? A pom-pom with panache! What’s even better? A pom-pom that’s easy to make and doesn’t cost a fortune! Create ours easily from a couple of plastic tablecloths in your team colors and shake some cheer into your afternoon.

Download the pom-pom instructions

DIY Football Crafts: Free Printable Football Bingo #MyHallmark #MyHallmarkIdeas

Football bingo

Need an activity for the kids while the parents watch the game? Have them play our version of football bingo, so they can score points while the team does, too! Print out as many of these cards as you need, and see who can get BINGO before the game ends.

Here are templates you’ll need to make 12 bingo cards (plus 2 blank ones to make more). Just print onto card stock and cut out. Use small candies or football stickers for markers. Whenever you hear a word from the announcers that appears on your card, mark it! Whoever gets 5 in a row, across, down or diagonally wins. Have fun!

Download the football bingo game cards


Jeanne Field is a Hallmark editor who loves finding ways for her kids to get as messy crafting as she does. will be back up soon

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