Puppy tales

Fashion a flip book and watch your new pet grow

By Sergio Rivero
Make a photo flip book and watch your new pet grow @hallmarkstores @hallmarkstoresIdeas

When my family got a puppy, we thought it would be fun to document how fast he would grow up. We took photos of him every week for eight or nine months. With all the photos we collected, we made a flip book.

Most animals grow so quickly, it’s fun to document the year they go from itty-bitty baby to adult animal. If you have a new family pet, here’s how to create your own sweet (and oh-so-simple) puppy tale.

Pet Flip Book

Photograph your pet

  • Whether you’re photographing a puppy, kitten or pet rabbit, position the subject in roughly the same spot each week, or snap close-ups of his cute face.

Watch him grow

  • Choose a photo album that allows you to add one photo per page—it’s perfect for making minimovies of growing puppies.
  • Position photos in the center of the page, and when you flip through it, it will appear as if your pup is getting bigger.
  • For an additional animated effect, use stamps to add doggy paw prints to go with your doggy image. By stamping in a slightly different position on each page, you can make it seem as if he’s walking across the page.
Puppy flip book


TIP: You can use these same strategies to document your pregnancy or brand-new bundle of joy.