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Cocktails & creativity: coloring

Creative party ideas for girls’ night or any night

By Shannon Gaines Bowman

Coloring for adults is quite the craze these days, and for lots of good reasons: It's a great way to chill out, an unintimidating way to find your creative groove and, of course, just plain fun. But there's one more reason to color that you might not have thought about—it's a great excuse to get your grown-up friends together for a good time. Intrigued? Let us introduce you to the world of Cocktails & Coloring.

EPISODE 1: Cocktails & Coloring Party Ideas


EPISODE 2: Adult Coloring Tips


EPISODE 3: Coloring Q & A


BONUS EPISODE: Colorful Bridal Shower Ideas

Ready to host your own Cocktails & Coloring party? Just pick a date, invite a few friends, gather a few coloring supplies and mix up some simple snacks and beverages.

What you’ll need:

  • Ample work space (a large table is great, but comfy chairs and lap desks work fine, too)
  • A variety of adult coloring books (or download our adult coloring pages for your guests to use as practice sheets to get back in their coloring groove)
  • Markers, crayons and colored pencils
  • Finger-friendly snacks
  • Cocktails
  • Hostess tip: Serve the cocktails in pitchers so you can spend less time mixing drink refills and more time mingling with your guests.

What to do:

  • Don’t clean house beforehand. A workshop is a casual environment!
  • Crank up some tunes.
  • Welcome your guests and get them coloring.
  • Hostess tip: Don't be afraid to invite guests who don't know each other. Coloring is a great way to break the ice!

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Shannon Gaines Bowman is a Hallmark designer, social media maven, hard-core foodie and zombie-lover. She's known for her epic theme parties, signature laugh and trusty sidekick, Pita. will be back up soon

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