Back-to-school smiiiilies to share

Fun up lockers, lunches and more with our free printables

By hoops&yoyo™
Hoops and Yoyo Free Back-to-School Printables @hallmarkstores @hallmarkstoresIdeas

It’s back-to-school time. Farewell to summertime. Heavy…sigh…time. Right? WRONG-O!

We say it’s back-to-COOL time! And hello to “niiiiice friends and teachers” time! Get off to a great start by taking us to school with you! Fun up lockers, lunches and lots more with our FUN, FREE back-to-school printables! It’s a totally smart move, so start sharing the smiiiilies!

hoops and yoyo free printable bookmarks #MyHallmark #MyHallmarkIdeas


Use these niiiice bookmarks as your little helpers, and you’ll never lose your place again! Don’t forget to share some with your friends!

Check out these fun bookmarks now.

hoops and yoyo free printable book labels #MyHallmark #MyHallmarkIdeas



Book labels
Print ’em out, stick ’em on, and show those books who they belong to!

Print your book labels now.

hoops and yoyo free printable locker notes #MyHallmark #MyHallmarkIdeas


Locker notes
Fun up the school day with notes for your BFFs! Just print these little notes, cut along the dotted lines, fold along the fold line, sign, and share!

Download locker notes now.

hoops and yoyo free printable weekly calendar #MyHallmark #MyHallmarkIdeas


Weekly calendar
Get your week on with these gold-star worthy planner pages. ’Cause if you don’t plan your week, then your week plans you!

Get your weekly planner pages now.

hoops and yoyo free printable lunch notes #MyHallmark #MyHallmarkIdeas


Lunch notes
Lunchtime has never been so fun. Just print, sign, and wait for the smiiiiles!

Download lunch notes now.


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