Little firsts

Scrapbooking the mini-milestones that make up childhood

Hallmark staff
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Ever feel like the real milestones in your child’s life happen when nobody’s paying attention? That first best friend, first plane trip, first ball game, first bike ride? Growing up, there’s a first time for everything.

Keeping a scrapbook dedicated to just these little firsts helps a child feel a sense of accomplishment. It also gives parents a way to record and remember the moments that make growing up such an adventure (for children and parents alike).

If creating a mini-milestones scrapbook for your child piques your interest, here are a few tips to get you started:

Listen…to yourself
Whether the occasion is as momentous as a first bicycle ride or as tiny as a first playdate, you'll know it’s time to make a page in your scrapbook when you feel your heart swell over something your child is doing.

Use your senses
Of course you’ll want a photo of each occasion, but pay attention to the other senses as well. Save something you can touch, such as the tiny shoes worn by a first doll or a pebble collected on a first camping trip. You might also burn a CD of your child’s voice, press a flower on waxed paper, or make a list of his or her favorite foods.

Get a reaction
Don’t forget to document how your child felt during the (little) big moment. Ask questions and record the answers on paper…bad grammar and all. You might even ask older kids to write a few lines themselves.