How to show Mama you love her, too

4 simple ways to let her know just how much you care

By Keion Jackson
I love you Mama: 4 simple ways for sons to show appreciation

Back in the day, do you think your mom liked listening to you mispronounce “spaghetti”?  Well, she didn’t. Love made her do it. It was cute at first. But soon she was thinking: “You’re four now—get your life together.” 

She put up with it because patience is an expression of love. And mothers happen to be great at expressing affection. It’s their superpower. Dudes, on the other hand, sometimes need a little help—especially those in their teens and early 20s. It’s cool to tell your mom how you feel, but it’s very important that you show her, too. Here are a few simple ways to show your mom just how much you care:

Hug it out

I am a strong advocate for hugs—when I run for Second Black President, hugs will be my platform. They are a quick and easy way to show that you care. Sure, emotional closeness is great. But we also have a physical need to feel comforted. Hugging your mom will release special “Awwww” endorphins, triggering to her brain that she is loved, appreciated and not alone.

Shut up

When most kids talk to their mom, they go on and on about themselves. But, contrary to popular belief, mothers are fully realized humans. They have their own experiences, dreams and stories to tell. If you want to make your mom feel special, do some shutting up and give her a chance to share with you. After all, a big part of feeling loved is feeling heard. And that should be a two-way street. 

Say thanks

It’s the sun’s job to rise; it’s the moon’s job to glow; it’s the mama’s job to wash your dirty drawers…not the case, my friend. The truth is: Mothers go above and beyond to make sure we are cared for. And that takes work! So say thank you for the meals that magically appear on the table and the cell phone bill that magically gets paid. 

Think about it: She’s so good at helping, you don’t even notice when she’s doing it. Mama be stealth! But that’s not an excuse to take her kindness for granted.

Put her love on top

Mama will return your call when that pretty girl from last night won’t. So learn how to prioritize. Don’t put somebody who wears body glitter before the woman who gave you life. Mama’s love is consistent and unconditional. Therefore, your reverence for her should be, too. Sure, you’re busy and you know a lot of people, but you’ve got to remember to put your mother’s happiness and well-being high on your list of priorities.

Well, if you wanted advice—whoop, there it is. Hopefully, these helpful tips will bring you and your mom even closer together.


Keion Jackson is a Hallmark writer, TV-watcher and wearer of cardigans.  He spends his free time pretending to be a rapper.