How to Make a Signature Drink for Your Wedding - Party 101

Wedding How to Make a Signature Drink for Your Wedding

Want to create a signature drink for your upcoming wedding? We give you the skinny on what you need to create a cr...

Dog Adoption Gift - Party 101

Pets Dog Adoption Gift

Celebrate your fur babies with this puppy adoption gift! Got a friend who just got a new dog? Bring this doggy bag...

How to Paint Watercolor Flowers- Party 101

Arts & Crafts How to Paint Watercolor Flowers

Learn how to paint watercolor flowers in  our DIY watercolor flowers tutorial if you love beautiful spring flowers...

Bridesmaid Proposal Gift - Party 101

Wedding Bridesmaid Proposal Gift

The perfect proposal isn’t just between the couple – it’s also between the bride and her bridesm...

Rainbow Brite Inspired Rainbow Cupcakes - Party 101

Dessert Rainbow Brite Inspired Rainbow Cupcakes

Bring rainbow colors, stars, and smiles to your next party. Kids and adults alike will love these colorful cupcakes.

DIY No Water Terrarium- PARTY 101

DIY DIY No Water Terrarium

Welcome spring into your home. Use succulents and moss to create a trendy terrarium.

DIY Donut Decorating Bar - Party 101

Valentine's Day DIY Donut Decorating Bar

Add some sprinkles, frosting, and lots of color to your life with our DIY donut decorating bar.

DIY Pom Pom Banner - Party 101

DIY DIY Pom Pom Banner

Thea shows you how to make a fun and whimsical pom pom banner. All you need are some pom poms from the hobby store...

Cheap Beer Cocktails for Game Day - Party 101

Parties & Entertaining Cheap Beer Cocktails for Game Day

Tired of all the cheap beer served at football parties? Whether you are watching a bowl game or the

New Year's Eve DIY Photograph Backdrop - Party 101

New Year's New Year’s Eve DIY Photograph Backdrop

Capture memories on New Year's Eve with this simple and festive party photo backdrop!

Royal Icing Sugar Cookies - Party 101

Christmas Royal Icing Sugar Cookies

Hallmarker Em Bronson shows Party 101’s Thea how-to decorate Christmas cookies with a simple royal icing and some ...

Secret Santa Stocking Exchange - Party 101

Christmas Secret Santa Stocking Exchange

Hallmarkers Em Bronson and Thea Neal show you how to easily create stockings that are personalized for your favori...