60-second sweets video: Chocolate mousse cake

Chocolate Mousse Cake Recipe

Dive into gooey goodness with this easy Chocolate Mousse Cake made for two. Watch our video below to learn how to create a luxurious crackly topped, soft-centered mousse. For our Chocolate Mousse Cake recipe, you don't need any fancy ingredients, just bittersweet chocolate, butter, water, sugar, eggs and flour.

Yield: 2 small cakes

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60-second sweets video: How to make chocolate mousse cake


2 ovenproof, 20-oz. canning jars or 2 similar-size loaf pans or casserole dishes
7 oz. bittersweet chocolate, chopped
1 stick unsalted butter, plus some for greasing the jars
2 Tbsp. water
⅔ cup sugar
3 eggs, room temperature
2 Tbsp. flour


  1. Preheat oven to 400°F. Butter jars or dishes and set aside.
  2. Warm 2 to 4 cups water and keep handy for the bain-marie.
  3. In a glass bowl or top of a double boiler set over simmering water, melt chocolate and 1 stick of butter with 2 tablespoons of water. Remove melted chocolate from heat and let cool briefly.
  4. With an electric mixer set on medium speed, beat sugar, eggs and flour until light and pale in color. Add melted chocolate and blend well. Mixture will be runny.
  5. Pour batter into jars and place jars in a glass baking dish or metal roaster. Place in oven, and carefully fill dish with water to a depth of 1 inch.
  6. Check cakes after 30 minutes. If they are browning quickly, tent with aluminum foil and bake 10 minutes more for a total of 40 minutes. The tops will be crunchy, but the cakes will be nice and moist.
  7. Remove pan from oven and place jars on rack to cool. Let cakes cool slightly before serving or serve at room temperature. If you like, sprinkle with powdered sugar and/or serve with fresh whipped cream or ice cream.