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Summers to remember

Start a vacation souvenir collection to help you remember those special summer moments

Hallmark staff
Summers to Remember: Start a Vacation Souvenirs Collection
What did you bring home from your last vacation? If your favorite travel souvenir was the hotel soap, you may be ready for some fresh ideas. Great memories, of course, are what we hope to collect. And photos are often the best way to capture those. But for those who want to go beyond, here are a few other vacation souvenir ideas. Who knows? The collection itself may take you to new destinations!

Nature finds

Take a piece of your destination home with you. Collect sand, shells, pebbles or even dirt from your vacation and display it in a clear jar. Let each layer remind you of that special place. (Note: A respectful attitude is key. If you start this type of collection, make sure you choose something that won't negatively impact the place you're trying to remember.)


As you sight-see, pick up postcards to mail to yourself. Have each member of the family share his or her best vacation moment (or the worst) to create a tiny travelogue of your trip. When you get home, the postcards will remind you of your favorite vacation moments. You can also display your postcards by creating a vacation wall. Here’s one DIY wall display idea from Hallmark artists.


Do you love animal figurines? Magnets? Spoons? Charms? Make finding that favorite something part of your itinerary. Your treasure hunt may take you to fun places you would otherwise never see. Souvenir shops, local attractions or off-the-beaten-path flea markets may become the backdrops for your favorite vacation moments.

Themed photos

Create a unique-to-you photo theme to tie all of your vacations together. It could be pictures in front of similar backdrops, such as “Welcome to” state signs, or a signature pose you strike no matter where you go. Here are a few idea starters:
  • Try lining up the family in the same order vacation after vacation to create a timeline of places and faces.
  • Bring the same photo prop with you on every trip. (itty bittys®, for example, are already travel-size and are very photogenic!)
  • Capture your family's quirky travel habits. (Does Dad don his Gilligan hat as soon as you check in or do the kids insist on ice cream cones no matter the place or season?)


T-shirts are a favorite vacation souvenir, especially for kids. When your child outgrows the shirt, consider giving it a second life as wall art. Watch the video below to learn how to make a t-shirt canvas to fill your own gallery of a life well traveled.