Five Ways to Make Deviled Eggs - Party 101

Appetizer & Snacks Five Ways to Make Deviled Eggs

Spice up your spring gatherings with tasty variations on the classic snack

Bagel and Lox Deviled Eggs

Appetizer & Snacks Bagel and Lox Deviled Eggs

For a fun, festive twist, include Bagel and Lox Deviled Eggs in your next brunch spread. A filling of cream cheese...

Thai Curry Deviled Eggs

Appetizer & Snacks Thai Curry Deviled Eggs

Inspired by Thai curry, these aren’t your ordinary deviled eggs. Dairy-free and packed with flavor, these creamy s...

Bloody Mary Deviled Eggs

Appetizer & Snacks Bloody Mary Deviled Eggs

The zippy breakfast cocktail meets everyone’s favorite potluck snack in these Bloody Mary-inspired deviled eggs. S...

BBQ Chicken Deviled Eggs

Appetizer & Snacks BBQ Chicken Deviled Eggs

Crisp fried chicken and a drizzle of barbecue sauce transform classic deviled eggs into a snack that any BBQ chick...

Classic Deviled Eggs - Hallmark Ideas & Inspiration

Appetizer & Snacks Classic Deviled Eggs

From picnics to potlucks, classic deviled eggs are always the first to disappear from any spread. Make these cream...