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A woman reaches up to place a gold star tree topper at the top of a fully decorated Christmas tree, with presents scattered around its base; the woman is looking down and smiling at a young boy with glasses, presumably her son.

Christmas Sneak Peek Alert: Even More 2024 Dream Book Photography Awaits!

Working on the Dream Book photography shoot is truly the most wonderful time of the year! Be on the lookout for the D...

A Keepsake artist renders an ink drawing of an upcoming 2024 Keepsake Ornament featuring Santa Claus asleep in a chair with a plate of cookies on his chest and a little girl peeking out from behind him.

Christmas Sneak Peek Alert: Snoring Santa Keepsake Ornament

As our Keepsake artists put the finishing touches on their new 2024 ornaments, we’re stealing a glance. It's the big ...

Christmas Sneak Peek Alert: 2024 Beauty of Birds Keepsake Ornament

It's another 2024 sneak peek! The big boss, Santa is giving us permission to show juuust a little bit. We’ll be in s...

A little girl sits at the base of a decorated Christmas tree, gazing up at the Keepsake Ornaments that adorn its branches; on the floor nearby are gifts wrapped in red, green and white plaid wrapping paper.

Christmas Sneak Peek Alert: More 2024 Dream Book Photography!

With so "mini" amazing ornaments inside this year's Dream Book, we can hardly contain our excitement! Which minis are...

A woman reaches to place a vintage ornament into an ornament storage box with separate compartments for each ornament that are cushioned with tissue paper.

Christmas Ornament storage hacks

How do you store your favorite Keepsake Ornaments? Santa helps us show you the naughty and the nice—and we’ve got lot...

A photo shoot stylist dressed in black leans over to adjust an ornament hanging from a miniature Christmas tree; in the foreground we see a professional digital camera affixed to a foley, telling us that this scene is from a photo shoot.

Christmas Sneak Peek Alert: 2024 Dream Book Photography

We love January because we are full-on 2024 Christmas planning! Take a fun peek behind the scenes to see how the Keep...

Two Keepsake Ornaments—one in the likeness of Michael Scott and the other in the likeness of Dwight Schrute from TV's

Christmas Check out these must-have ornaments for any fan of “The Office”

There’s nothing quite like the holiday season at Dunder-Mifflin Paper Company. The beloved Scranton branch Regional M...

A Keepsake Ornament artist's hand sketches out a concept for a new Keepsake Ornament that looks like a claw machine from an old-fashioned arcade.

Christmas Sneak Peek Alert: Snowball Claw Game Keepsake Ornament

SNEAK PEEK ALERT! As our Keepsake artists put the finishing touches on their new 2024 ornaments, we’re stealing a gla...

A Keepsake Ornament artist sketches out a design for a new Keepsake Ornament that features Santa on a rooftop, preparing to climb down a chimney.

Christmas Sneak Peek Alert: Up on the Housetop Keepsake Ornament

SNEAK PEEK ALERT! As our Keepsake artists put the finishing touches on their new 2024 ornaments, we’re stealing a gla...

Chocolate and vanilla cupcakes with white frosting and rainbow colored sprinkles are topped with candles that read

Christmas Happy 50th birthday, Keepsake Ornaments!

As we close out 2023, we’re taking time to pause and celebrate! Our Keepsake crew is tossing the confetti and blowing...

The title,

Christmas Keepsake Ornaments: The next 50 years

As we look forward to the next half-century, our artists are sharing their thoughts on what the future might bring. T...

A framed photo of a 3-to-4 year old boy in green onesie pajamas holding his favorite stuffed toy in one hand and reaching up with wonder at a fully lit and decorated Christmas tree with the other.

Christmas Celebrating you

In life, there are moments you wish you could hold onto forever. That’s why we’ve been creating ornaments to help you... will be back up soon

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