Looking for fun ways to decorate your tree this year? Here are four ideas to get you started.

First, consider a different kind of tree! Let a step ladder serve as a tree, with your favorite Keepsake Ornaments hung at varying lengths. Next, a Star Wars™ Christmas tree is perfect for the pop-culture fan in your life. Third is a travel-themed tree, where you can go back to all of your happy places. And finally, if you love sweets (and who doesn’t?), a kitchen-themed tree is for you. Take what you love and design your own themed tree. You’ll find Keepsake Ornaments for all of them at your Hallmark Gold Crown store and at Hallmark.com. See more about each decorating idea below!

Ladder Tree
Looking for a simple but fun alternative to the traditional Christmas tree? Try this ladder tree for the holidays! With your own ladder, some fishing wire and some great Keepsake Ornaments, you’re ready to decorate. You’ll find it’s easy to string fishing wire across the ladder and hang your ornaments at varying lengths to create a unique statement piece. We used some of our favorite Keepsake Ornaments, like the Stunning Swallow and the Winter Cardinal, to bring a little of the outdoors in. The Disney Olaf’s Frozen Adventure ornament adds big smiles, while our Let It Snow Premium Ornament brings the shine. Add your own favorite Keepsake Ornaments to make your ladder tree a one-of-a-kind piece that reflects your tastes and traditions.

Kitchen-Themed Tree
Here’s a great recipe for cooking up holiday spirit this year with Keepsake Ornaments on a kitchen-themed tree! Start by inspiring baking fun with Sharon Visker’s Season’s Treatings ornament, the 9th in the series. Then add some irresistible charm with Kris Gaughran’s Cookie Couple gingerbread people. Mix in even more cheer with Ruth Donikowski’s Candied Christmas Rose, the 6th in her Christmas Cupcakes series. Include a super-sweet touch with the Cookie Cutter Christmas ornament, Nina Aubé’s 6th in the series. Last but certainly not least, add the adorable Baker Snoopy® by Jim Kemme and Tracy Larsen. It’s the 20th in the Spotlight on Snoopy® series, so get it quickly because it’ll go fast! Top it all off with a generous helping of your own favorite ornaments. Makes one very festive tree.

Star Wars™ Christmas Tree
If you’re a Star Wars™ fan, this is the tree for you. Start your intergalactic adventure with the Death Star™ Tree Topper, complete with sound and light. The Star Wars™ Storytellers collection is a must-have, with three ornaments releasing this year and two each in the next two years. This year, collect Darth Vader’s TIE Fighter™, the Death Star™ and the X-Wing Starfighter™ for an experience that brings the ships to life as they interact with light and sound to tell the story of Star Wars™: A New Hope™. You’ll hear actual dialogue and sound effects from the movie, all with a corresponding light show. In this year’s Keepsake Ornament collection, you’ll also find Luke Skywalker™; A Duel to the Death from Star Wars™: A New Hope™ with dialogue from the scene; Darth Vader™ with dialogue from Star Wars™ films; and the Rey™ and Praetorian Guard™ ornaments from the new Star Wars™: The Last Jedi™.

Travel-Themed Tree
Go to your happy place this Christmas with this travel-themed tree featuring Keepsake Ornaments! This is a fun decorating idea for travel enthusiasts or for anyone who wants to commemorate a very special trip. Wherever you’ve gone, you’ll find Keepsake Ornaments to save the memory. Our A Day at the Beach and Mountain Majesty ornaments show off two favorite destinations. Happy Campers and Southwestern Style add more options and more memories. Don’t forget to represent your favorite mode of travel. Whether that was by plane, train or automobile, you’ll find the vehicle that tells your story. Check out family photo frame ornaments as well to show off your vacation smiles. To personalize your tree even more, add some of your favorite souvenirs, like tickets, a compass, travel tags and other small items to reflect your experience. Add to the tree every year and take a very special trip down memory lane.

Whether your choose one of these decorating themes or you create a theme of your own, you can find all the ornaments we’ve described for each of these ideas and many more at your Hallmark Gold Crown store and at Hallmark.com.


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