Not sure where to begin when it comes to setting up and decorating your Christmas tree? Don’t sweat it. Here are five must-know tips to help make your tree shine this holiday season.

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Video transcript

Hi. I'm Briana, stylist at Hallmark. And I'm here to show you these five essential, must-know tips on how to decorate your Christmas tree this year. These simple tidbits will help give your tree a designer look. First, the most important and often overlooked tip is to fluff and fill the tree. To me, this really helps set the tone of the tree and helps it look fuller and healthier. Make sure you fluff the tree evenly. Now it's time to cut and tuck your ribbon. Cut ribbon between two to four feet lengths before putting on the tree. Tuck end of ribbon deep into the Christmas tree, loop out, and tuck back in again. Let ribbon fall where it wants to. Drape vertically or angled. You can't go wrong. Vary the lengths of loops as you move down the tree. Use different widths of ribbon for more texture. Variety is key. As a general rule of thumb, after the ribbon has been secured, I try and add all the larger items next. Embellishments add dimension, fills gaps, and create sparkle. Generic balls, plush, and a touch of floral can heighten the aesthetic. Try something new each year that ties into the theme of the tree. Trends and personal styles change. Don't be afraid to mix it up each year. So, much like shoes make the outfit, the skirt makes the tree. Cozy blankets or layered fabrics make for a great look. Skirts hide unsightly tree stands and catch loose needles. Tree skirts should always completely cover your tree stand from view. Coordinate your skirt with your gift wrap theme. I just love playing with the different pops of colors on my gifts and how they complement the tree skirt. Now we can add the ornaments. My family's been collecting Keepsake Ornaments since before I was born. I love bringing these memories to the forefront of my Christmas tree each year. Choose a stylish ribbon over a bland hook. This add-on gives your ornament a stylish look. Pre-tie the ribbon and look through the eye-hole. It's very simple and looks great. Hopefully, these tips helped to inspire you to take your Christmas tree up a notch this year. But just remember, if you're styling and decor comes from the heart and is authentic your tree will shine bright for you and all those you love this holiday season.