DIY desk hacks to organize your space in 2018. Working in a cubicle does not have to be boring. Create a work space that’s perfect for you with our 5 easy decorating tips. Design your work space to be a comfortable place that inspires productivity and showcase your personal style with these quick updates.

Follow these easy steps:

  • Apply contact paper to shelves and deskPick a trendy color or design that you love; it’s like wallpaper for your cube.
  • Jazz up bulletin boards with fabricWho says your bulletin board needs to be standard issue black or taupe? Bring in your personality with a trendy color; make it pop with an eye-catching design; or go for some natural elements to set up a calming zen oasis.
  • Create a desk garden with cute succulentsGreenery is on trend and will make you feel more relaxed. Use real plants, low-water succulents, or (if that’s all just too much for you) check out these faux succulents from Hallmark.
  • Beautify with coordinated desk accessoriesYou will be much more productive with cute accessories. (wink, wink) Check out these design-forward desk accessories from Hallmark in beautiful golds, whites, and florals.
  • Add inspiration with your favorite quotesHand letter some quotes that will make you feel empowered or just bring a smile to your face. Hallmark’s collection of Stylish Statements has you covered if you’re not feeling artsy/craftsy.

Whatever you do, make it your own and make it a space you love because once you are done with the DIY desk hacks, that’s when the real work begins…

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