Looking for just the right gift to add to your special little bunnies this Easter basket? Check out this video to see some of the gifts available at Hallmark Gold Crown stores this Easter.

If you are shopping for Easter, be sure to get the six essential Easter basket items:

Easter Basket

The essential building block is, of course, the basket! Choose a traditional sea grass green woven basket.

Basket Filler

Proper basket filler is almost as essential as the basket itself. Perhaps you remember that clear plastic shredded stuff from growing up? Try a more modern (and eco-friendly) shredded paper grass.

Easter Candy

What Easter basket is complete without satisfying your little bunny’s sweet tooth? Add a variety of candy to your basket- from little jelly beans and brightly-colored lollipops to chocolate eggs and classic chocolate malt balls. Creative packaging makes candy pop!

Easter Gifts

You can tuck a variety of small Easter gifts into a basket. Consider adding some seasonal stuffed animals such as lambs, bunnies, chicks or- best of all- iconic Snoopy decked out in seasonal colors. Easter is also a great time to give a kids’ faith book or a small cross.

Easter Card

Don’t forget the card! A little note expressing your feelings is appropriate for every gift.

Easter Eggs

Whether you DIY or buy, be sure to add a few iconic eggs to the basket.


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