Looking to build a super cute Easter basket for your special little bunnies this Easter? Check out our video to see the essential elements of any Easter basket as well as a selection of Easter gift ideas available at Hallmark Gold Crown.

Easter Basket – The essential building block is, of course, the basket! Choose a traditional sea grass woven basket, a colorful woven cotton one, or get a little silly with a character basket.

Baskets shown in the video:
Large Woven Sea Grass Easter Basket
Purple Woven Cotton Easter Basket
Mama Hen Plush Easter Basket

Basket Filler Proper basket filler is almost as essential as the basket itself. Perhaps you remember that clear plastic shredded stuff from growing up? Try a more modern (and eco-friendly) shredded paper grass.

Basket filler shown in the video:
Iridescent and Green Shredded Paper

Easter Candy What Easter basket is complete without satisfying your little bunny’s sweet tooth? Add a variety of candy to your basket- from little jelly beans and brightly-colored lollipops to chocolate eggs and classic chocolate malt balls. Creative packaging makes candy pop. We love bagged candy shaped like carrots or more simple bags with pretty ribbon bows.

Easter candy shown in the video:
Orange Jelly Beans in a Carrot Candy Bag
Classic Jelly Beans
Malted Eggs in Chocolate Candy Shell
Chocolate Eggs
Chocolate-Covered Peanut Butter Eggs

Easter Gifts – You can tuck a variety of small Easter gifts into a basket. Consider adding some seasonal stuffed animals such as lambs, bunnies, chicks or- best of all- iconic Snoopy decked out in seasonal pastel colors. Easter is also a great time to give a kids’ faith book or a small cross.

Easter Gifts shown in the video:
Much Love from Above Small Pillow
Because Jesus for Kids Book; What does an Angel Do Book
Chirping Chick Stuffed Animal
Zip-A-Long Lamb Stuffed Animal
Zip-A-Long Bunny Stuffed Animal
Flower Power Snoopy Stuffed Animal
Pink Snoopy Stuffed Animal
Easter Bunny & Carrot Socks
Cat’s Meow Happy Go Luckys Mini Stuffed Animals
Comfort Holy Land Wood Cross
Love is Everything Magnet

Easter Card – Don’t forget the card! A little note expressing your feelings is appropriate for every gift.

Easter cards shown in the video:
Peanuts® Snoopy Lots and Lots of Love Easter Card
Peanuts® Snoopy “This Much” Pop-up Easter Card
Peanuts® Snoopy and Woodstock Card for Grandson’s First Easter


Did you know that you can get everything you need for your Easter Basket at Hallmark Gold Crown? Build your basket in any Hallmark Gold Crown store and online at Hallmark.com.

Happy Easter!

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