Looking for some lovely, on-trend gifts this fall? Join Hallmark Master Designer Will Brown as he takes you through four fall trends and shows you what trend-inspired gifts are available in Hallmark Gold Crown stores and on Hallmark.com this fall. Will shows you these trends:

Naturally Grateful – Mindfulness is ‘in’ and that translates to a simple, curated collection of gifts with a warm, natural feel. Wooden bowls with a live bark edge, rustic sentiments, and a grey weathered terrarium with a warm white-washed wood finish all bring this trend to life.

Cozy Season – Fall gets us ready for a cozy season ahead. Give the gift of warmth with a velvet plaid throw and a ‘Grateful Hearts’ pillow. Pumpkins are always a nice warm fall gift, so try out a lovely orange mercury glass pumpkin candle holder. There are even metals that give off a warm glow- like this copper metal bowl or even this Halloween lantern.

Comfort Food – Our collective desire to slow down and enjoy celebrations with family and friends inspires a rustic, farm-to-table trend in stores this fall. Check out the new collection of serving ware with vintage-inspired animal prints in white and with color pops. Wouldn’t it be lovely to give your favorite soup recipe along with one of these measuring cups to a friend this fall?

Gold Leaf – White and gold lend elegance to gifts this season. Gold accents prevail in many pieces- from this memory tree, to frames, and a lovely acorn candle. There’s also a gorgeous white platter and a white-washed wood lantern.

Head to your Hallmark Gold Crown store  or Hallmark.com to see these gifts and many more. No matter the trend, Hallmark has everything you need to find just the right thing for just the right occasion.

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Video transcript

Hi, everyone. I'm Will Brown, Master Designer at Hallmark. And today, I'm going to show you four trends for fall that you can bring to life in your home with products from your local Hallmark Gold Crown Store. Modern mindfulness is in for fall, and that's a warm, curated collection with a forged feel. Wood bowls with a live bark edge, rustic sentiments, candlesticks. This is more of a traditional or more modern profile. Check out this terrarium with this warm white-wash finish. This can also double as a lantern. There's softness that you can add with wool and a little throw. And to really anchor this trend, we've got these natural elements of dried flowers, rocks, gourds, roots. Anything that you might even find in your backyard, that will really bring this trend to life. Fall gets us ready for that cozy season ahead, and that's what our classic trend is all about. We've got our velvet plaid throw and our pillow here for warmth. We've got gourd shapes and candle holders. And what I really love are these warm metals. This is a brass finish bowl. Our metal on our tray. And our copper finish on our lantern here will take us right through the Halloween season. Our desire to slow down and enjoy celebrations really brings this rustic entertaining trend to life. So black and white serveware pieces with these animal details keeps things clever and fun. Metal details on our double-tiered tray, our basket, and our rustic decor keeps things casual and neighborly. But what I really like are the color pops. Our modern fall trend of enchanted white and gold will add elegance to your home. Our memory tree, our frame, and our acorn candle all have accents of gold, which will really help to draw the eye. We have a pumpkin platter that you can use to serve. But then you can also use it to display. And our statement lantern would look great and inviting in your entryway. And there you have it, four trends for fall. So with creativity and a little help from your Hallmark Gold Crown Stores, you can bring the season to life in your home. And if you take any of these tips, we'd love to see them. Be sure to post photos and tag us @hallmarkstores. I'm Will Brown, and we'll see you next time.