Eating together around a big table is the center of much of family life. Join the Ng Family, owners of Kansas City’s Bo Lings Restaurants, as they prepare a meal and discuss the value of saving family recipes.

Cooking is a big part of life for the Ngs and making dumplings has always been the centerpiece of their family gatherings. One of Rebecca’s earliest memories is making dough with her grandmother. “The recipe is something our grandmothers always had in their minds, so we just had to watch them and learn. It is something that we would love to pass on to our children and our grandchildren and cook for them.”

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Video transcript

When our family eats together at a table, we just talk and eat. And I feel like we enjoy the food more. It means a lot for us. Every special occasion that we have, we always make dumplings. If someone go away, you make dumpling. If someone comes home, they make dumpling. Cooking is a part of life for us. It's the centerpiece of all of our get-togethers. Conversations, arguments. We love eating. And so in order to have a lot of food to eat, you have to cook the food together. And it takes a lot of help and hands. You select the ingredients. You peel. You chop. It takes a lot of time. Everybody eats together, so that's a big event for us. I remember my mom just always cooking. My earliest memory of cooking with my family is making the dough with my grandmother. She would always give me a piece of dough to play with to make me feel like I was helpful. And making dumpling is a process. That's good memories. The recipe is something that our grandmothers just always had in their minds. So we just have to watch them and learn. It's something that we would love to pass on to our children and our grandchildren and cook for them. [NON-ENGLISH SPEECH]. Those are the food that we grew up with. And those are the tastes we grew up with. And we want to keep this going so the next generation know what the taste's like. What the old place tastes like. Those are the flavor to pass on.