If you or someone you love is a Star Wars™ fan, run—do not walk—to get these kitchen accessories. Start by making every day fun with the Darth Vader™ perpetual calendar. Who’s your favorite grill master? Outfit them with a Boba Fett™ apron and tong set. Then spice the place up with a Stormtrooper™ and Darth Vader™ salt and pepper shaker set. You can’t do Star Wars™ in your kitchen without Yoda™, who will watch over all things, inspiring you with his wisdom. Your household will know if you’re taking full command of the kitchen or just rolling with it when you’re drinking from a Captain Phasma™ or BB-8™ can-style mug. And why would you ever put your smartphone on the counter when you can use a Han Solo™ in Carbonite tech holder? Chances are the whole family is into Star Wars™ fandom together, so our ceramic The Force frame is perfect for your fam photo. Yoda™ is back with a ceramic tray that’s perfect as a spoon rest, and the R2-D2™ mug with sound will start your day with a smile. Speaking of mugs, the Han Solo™ and Princess Leia™ mug set is a total must for any Star Wars™ couple, while every dad should have the Darth Vader™ “I am your father” mug. When you’re on the road, take the Chewbacca™ travel mug with sound for your beverage and for entertainment, too. Chewbacca™ also brings you a bottle opener with sound that’ll crack up you and your guests alike. And you’ll never want to cut a pizza again with anything but this Lightsaber™ pizza cutter with sound. Transform your kitchen from lackluster to legendary whether you choose one or all!

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