It’s time to get happy with Happy Go Luckys and a DIY craft that will bring out your kid’s imagination. Feed your kid’s imagination with Happy Go Luckys

Happy Go Luckys
Imagination is king with Happy Go Luckys, Hallmark’s newest plush collection. Featuring 64 unique characters, Happy Go Luckys are designed to encourage your kids to make their own stories, and build their own worlds out of everyday household items. Each Happy Pack has three palm-sized characters with fun names and distinct personalities. And with 20 Happy Packs available, there are plenty to collect, trade and share.

Do you ever wish your kids would free play a little more and screen time a little less? Check out Happy Go Luckys, Hallmark’s newest plush collection. These 64 different characters are designed to take center stage in the imaginative stories of kids. Each Happy Pack has three, unique and cute characters with fun names and stories to tell. And with 20 unique Happy Packs available, your kids will definitely want to collect them all. The hometown of these adorable, playful characters, Minihappolis, is the place where happy happens. The best part? No screens or devices are required!

Make Your Own Minihappolis
Where do the Happy Go Luckys live? Minihappolis, of course! You can make your own Minihappolis at home with our free, downloadable building cutouts. Print them out, and apply them to shoeboxes, construction paper, boxtops – pretty much any surface becomes a place to play.

All you need is a shoebox, some construction paper, glue, and a pair of scissors to start creating your own piece of Minihappolis. The free printable building cutouts featured in the video are can be downloaded below.


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