Fill your special little one’s heart with love and their hands with soft cuddles from Hallmark’s latest line of fantasy-themed stuffed animals. Check out the whole gang in this video, including:

Love is Magic Pink Unicorn
Unicorns are having a moment right now. With their unique look and magical powers- it is easy to see why. This fabulous pink unicorn adorned with hearts and gold accents plays a song, dances, and has a coordinating book with a special message about helping others and the magic of being yourself.

Caticorn Stuffed Animal
This caticorn is half cat, half unicorn, and one hundred percent awesome. Caticorn is a playful and loveable trickster who uses her sweet looks to get away with everything. Your little one will love her soft rainbow fur and the endless possibilities for silliness.

Darla the Hippo Stuffed Animal
Cute might as well be Darla the Hippo’s middle name. She has soft purple fur, pink nails, a lovely bow, red kissy lips, and a pink polka dot tutu. Darla loves to dance and won’t let being a four-legged hippo stop her. Determined, fun-loving and independent, she knows there’s no limit to her dreams. Did we mention she comes in a jumbo size as well with a removable, kid-sized tutu?

Tallia the Flamingo Stuffed Animal
Tallia the Flamingo has legs for days and the most lovely pink feathers. What makes her different, makes her proud. She loves standing above the rest and takes the opportunity to shine. Tallia the Flamingo also comes in jumbo size as well.

Misty the Dragon Stuffed Animal
Misty the Dragon is optimistic and curious; she’s always investigating the people and places around her. She loves to have adventures and knows just how to make any activity a bit more magical. Sound like anyone you know?

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