Hallmark Artist Alyissa Johnson is throwing a cute (and Pinterest-worthy) Valentine’s Day brunch on this episode of Save the Date.

For décor, she uses a mix of handmade and store bought items to create a light and friendly look. There are little red heart dishes filled with cute candy hearts and a fun, red heart banner with “XOXO” red balloons. There are adorable Valentine’s Day stuffed animals that give the inspiration for Alyissa’s Valentine’s Day craft- a heart medal.

Valentine’s Day Craft – How to Make a Heart Medal:
Materials Needed: ribbon, foam hearts, jump rings, pin backs, fabric glue, scissors
1) Cut ribbon to six inches
2) Fold the ends of the ribbon in ½ inch
3) Fold the ribbon in half, align the folded ends on top of one another
4) Flatten with an iron
5) Fold each of the ends into a point
6) Flatten with an iron again
7) Glue the jump ring between each piece of fabric (onto the point)
8) Attach the foam heart to the jump ring
9) Attach the pin back to the top of the ribbon
10) Spread the love!

Valentine’s Day Food- Hearts on Everything
Alyissa prepares a tasty fruit salad and uses a cookie cutter to make little heart shapes. She also cuts out heart marshmallows for hot chocolate in a pretty love mug. There’s even heart-shaped pancakes with pink chocolate drizzle to top everything off. These and other Valentine’s Day breakfast ideas will make surely make your guests swoon.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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