Holiday wrap ‘n yap

Host a Christmas party that works

By Jeannie Hund
Christmas Party Ideas: Host a Wrap & Yap Party #Hallmark #HallmarkIdeas

Here’s an easy Christmas party idea that actually takes some stress out of the holiday season: turn wrapping gifts into a social event. Just pick a date, gather a few gift-wrapping supplies and invite the girls to bring over the holiday gifts they need to wrap. Time will fly. Stacks of beautifully wrapped packages will pile up. And by party’s end, the happy girlfriend gaggle will leave with a holiday to-do checked off their lists—and feeling great about the whole shebang.

What you’ll need

  • Ample work space (folding tables are great, just be sure to leave space to walk between them)
  • Rolls of wrapping paper (kid-themed, masculine, traditional, modern...the more variety the better)
  • Multicolored yarn, twine, ribbons and bows
  • Gift tags
  • Pens and markers
  • Fun, inexpensive gift trims: ornaments, snowflakes, bells, silk flowers, etc.
  • Several pairs of scissors
  • Many small dispensers of tape

Savvy Hostess Prep

For an ultra-successful wrap ’n yap, here are some important tips:

Don’t clean house beforehand. A workshop is a casual environment!

Collect holiday wrapping paper in advance. Take advantage of early- and late-season sales. Focus on small rolls for more variety. (If you prefer, you can ask each guest to bring a roll to share.)

Tie up the details. Visit the yarn aisle at a discount store for a skein or two of inexpensive, variegated yarn to use instead of ribbon. Twine and string are also fun and go a long way. Watch for unexpected “trims” on the ornament, notions and sale aisles—your friends will have fun with that pack of glittery silver snowflakes!

Always, always, always have gift tags handy. And make sure people put them on right away! You will be sorry if you break this rule.

What to do

  1. Set out a few simple snacks (a hunk of cheese on the cutting board, a basket of crackers, a bowl of grapes and bottles of water are good).
  2. Crank up some Christmas tunes.
  3. Welcome your guests and get them started. Guests can wrap their own gifts or somebody else’s. Those who aren’t feeling industrious can snack and coach from the sidelines, so there’s no pressure.
  4. Don’t be surprised when you hear: “I hope you do this again next year!”
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